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Ayurveda Detox

A simple and effective path to health and balance

An Ayurveda Detox is one of the safest, simplest and most effective ways to not only detox the body, it also brings your whole body into alignment AND empowers YOU to put your health back in your hands.

Learn How Below!

Do more than detox... 

  1. Establish a state of health 

  2. Adopt the practices that support it

  3. Learn how to easily maintain it on your own

You want to be cautious with what detox you choose.  It can be the best thing or it can debilitate your health taking months to recover!

You may have noticed how many detoxes are something you do to your body such as a juice or master cleanse.  When you SHOCK your body by sudden changes and unaware of the stages of detoxing your body you become susceptible to illness and a weakened immune system.

The Most Common Unhealthy Detox Practices are:

1. Abruptly start and abruptly finish

Imagine you’re body is use to eating solid foods, meat, and dairy.  Then one day you just switch to juicing for 7 days.  On day eight you go back to eating solid foods of meat and dairy.  You’re body is going to go through a bit of a shock. You'll mostly like get sick.  Another danger in this is one often binge eats after which launches them into a period of unhealthy eating.


2. Don't Give Enough Time To Eliminate Toxins


 Imagine you do an abrupt start and finish detox.  By the time your body starts to eliminate toxins you move back to your regular foods.  You haven’t given the body enough time to fully cleanse and instead the toxins begin to enter your blood stream and then, (especially if you don’t have a healthy digestion) stay there.  These toxins then re-circulate in the body creating illness.

3. Don't restore and rejuvenate bodily tissues after Detox

When you detox, you weaken your body.  You're often stripping it of both toxic and healthy tissues.  If you don't then restrengthen those tissues you're left with weakened body and immune system.

Why many don't finish a detox and the dangers in not doing so


One reason why many never complete their detox is because as toxins release into the body, you may have momentary symptoms such as get sick, get headaches, may get constipated or loose stools.  You may have emotional releases or a roller coaster of energy.  These are signs you're detoxing.  However, If you don't allow the toxins to eliminate they may get stuck there causing long time illness.


This is why having a coach or an experienced guide is so important.  They know exactly what to expect, what is happening and how to counter or nourish each stage of your detox so it is safe and effective.

An Ayurveda Detox is coming back into relationship with your body.  It's a way of learning and establishing what sustains you and how to honor those things.

Instead of temporarily manipulating your body,

bring it back into alignment.


When you lovingly guide your body into alignment you naturally release toxins while strengthening

the tissues and systems that do.

You can see WHY an Ayurveda cleanse will be so effective is because you're restoring your digestive fire called Agni which is responsible for processing and absorbing nutrients and eliminating toxins from the body.  In other words, you're improving your digestion AND immune system. 


When you accumulate too many toxins your digestion becomes slow and sluggish which decreases your energy level, affects your sleep, weakens your immune system, creates a roller coaster of emotional/mental states, increases weight gain and overall deplete your body and mind.

Through an Ayurveda cleanse you strengthen your digestion, immune system and improve the health of your bodily tissues and systems!  You establish a foundation of health!

Using a delicious Ayurvedic stew infused with specific spices and adopting a few daily health rituals brings your whole body into alignment and  establishes a state of health

Be empowered to know how to maintain your health

This is NOT for you IF:

  • You're not willing to cook and prepare your food

  • You're looking for a quick fix rather long term health

This IS for you IF:

  • You're wanting to bring your whole body into alignment

  • You're ready to be in relationship with your body, emotions and mind

  • You're willing and even excited to learn about Ayurveda cooking and how to use spices & herbs

  • You're looking for long term health

  • You want to learn how to maintain your health on your own

  • You'd like to discover and adopt daily health rituals

What Happened When I Did My First Ayurveda Detox