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The Monthly Ayurveda Class

Ayurveda is the nature based wisdom of India that reveals how to live in greater connection with your body, your mental-emotional states, and be in alignment with your personal rhythms and cycles.  It is the life philosophy of living in a sacred manner providing the science, methods, and practices to do so.

The Way of Coyote reflects the traditional way of learning found in traditions and cultures the world over.  Coyote shares we do not learn by memorizing information but by our personal life experiences.  We learn by being entertained, inspired, and by "discovering" how lessons are reflected in the immediacy of our present life experience.


Gather around the indoor campfire and join community in learning Ayurveda. 


These gatherings are designed to simplify the principles, mindsets, and understandings of Ayurveda so you may intuitively apply them specifically to you, your family, your life…


Each class we focus on a single principle and draw out the wisdom of it, how it expresses within our lives, our bodies, our minds and spiritual development.  We explore how this single principle can be applied and we discover how to bring it more intuitively into our lives.

“This isn’t knowledge you learn, it’s wisdom you become.”


Each class weaves the lessons together through storytelling, community dialogue, core principles and practical actions.  In this way we provide a means to be inspired, to connect, to learn…


  • Free Mentoring via email

    • Got questions how to apply lessons?  Email us.  We’re an open book and we’re fully invested in your learning process

  • Community... Gain a sense of belonging.  These are magical gatherings of coming together with like-spirited souls learning how to bring Ayurveda into our unique lives.


We're confirming new locations at this time and will let you know.  

When & Durations of Classes

  • Classes happen on Monday evenings at 6:00pm PST twice a month.  You'll be emailed each month letting you know you which Mondays' we'll host them.  They vary due to us leading 8 day wilderness rites of passage for youth twice a month.  We'll also email you the day before and day of so you're informed.

  • Classes are approximately 60 minutes long

  • Dialogue and Q&A after core content


Cost is only $15/Class

The How

  • Prepay or pay upon arrival


 What you're getting

So basically you get Ayurveda training for the price of a single yoga class. Feel a sense of belonging with a like minded community learning to apply Ayurveda within their lives.   PLUS you get free email mentoring.  Got questions, email us and will mentor you directly with how to apply the lessons to your life specifically via email.

Our Guarantee

All our classes are back by a 100% guarantee.  

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