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These monthly classes are for women and men who want to learn shamanism and nature skills in a more traditional manner where you go out into nature and commune directly with the animals, the plants, and spirits.  It's being amongst the raw elements and having the direct experiences that awaken these understandings within you.

It's learning the rituals, meditations, and practices of the Shaman.  It's for those who want to heighten their senses and learn the methods of the forest shaman that enable them to be in such an intimate relationship with the natural world and themselves.


Awaken your childlike wonder and playfulness... Crawl amongst the ferns... follow the tracks of Totem Animas and gain deeper connection with their journey... breathe in the trees as they breath in you... be part of the stillness... the silence... 

To learn Shamanism, you must go where the Forest Shaman are.  This isn't knowledge you learn, it's wisdom you become and you become it through experience of being immersed within the spirits and energies of it.

These are experience-base, hands on journeys.  You learn core skills and we hone these skills each outing.  Each Forest Journey weaves together a variety of skills, practices and experiences so you gain an intimate understanding of what we're learning.  


For example, we may practice primitive fire making with a bow drill.  In this you gain a deeper relationship with the specific plants being used, learn the fire song that brings it to life, and how to harness your mind and channel your energy to create a glowing, breathing coal.  You experience being part of bringing something to life.

We may follow the tracks or animal path of a specific animal.  We may learn to shape shift and discover how to see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and experience how they move through the forest.  We may explore the medicine and teachings an animals provides us and be in dialogue how to bring this into our lives.


Every Forest Journey includes meditation, ritual, games, and sensory based practices.  We offer these classes in a traditional manner weaving together storytelling, humor, adventure, and deep inquiry into a powerful tapestry that inspires and awakens the wisdom within.

We don't teach beliefs... We provide the opportunity and experiences for you to discover your own truths and understandings.  We do share the Ancestral Perspectives of the Shaman and Babas as they shared with Chivito during his immersive time with them.  These perspectives form universal understandings found in traditions and cultures worldwide. We share their perspectives and leave it up to you to discover your own truth. We share only what we've been given permission to share.

About Your Host

Your host, Chivito (Chee-Vee-Toe) is a Wilderness  First Aide Responder, has been guiding others in Ayurveda and Shamanic journeys for over 13 years.  He’s a professional wilderness guide and teaches primitive survival skills for at-risks youth and guides both youth and adults through wilderness rites of passages… guiding 8 to 24 day immersion in the backcountry of Colorado Rocky Mountains, Utah Deserts and the Olympic & Cascade Mountains of WA.

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Mt Rainier Carbon Glacier Area (For Seattle/Tacoma area)

Sunday Nov 4th 10am to 1pm

Gifford Pinchot Forest or Oxbow (For Portland area)

Saturday Nov 10th 10am to 3pm (5 hours)




How To Join Us


To join us, fill out the contact box below with WHY you'd like to join us and any previous nature or shamanic experiences you have.  We'll then schedule a phone call to connect with you and ensure your physical able and a good fit. 

This is an invitation only journey.  Much Gratitude

Thanks! Message sent.

What to wear & bring:

We'll be maneuvering off trail, through ancient ferns, across moss covered logs, alongside rivers and occasionally through them.

  • Bring layered clothing and rain gear just in case

  • Bottle of Water

  • Snacks/lunch

  • Shoes your comfortable hiking through forest and possibly getting wet

We'll Email you a checklist before coming

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