It's stirring the remembrances of the inherent  wisdom within each of us as a People of Spirit and empowering you to live it

Healing and Strengthening Communities, Families, Youth and Individuals Through Nature Connection, Ayurveda & Shamanism

We reveal how to apply the time honored wisdom of Ayurveda & Shamanic Practices to live in greater alignment with life.  It's learning how to live in a sacred manner within our modern world and reveal a new model of living that's in relationship with nature, our environment, and a balanced life.

Available Nov-Jan
November 10th

Journey Through Darkness

Support Through The Holidays

"Entering the fire we discover it's not us that burns but all the excess we use to cloak our true nature"

~Chivito Cowa

As we honor and live in alignment with the seasonal energies of the Season of Darkness (see below) we won't be offering many classes

However, for those ready to explore and dive in during this time, we'll be offering a few online Intro courses full of inspiring videos, wisdom tales and guided journeys.  Enjoy and we'll be offering some great series beginning in January 2018

Online Offerings for  those unable to attend our live gatherings

Improving Your Relationship through Ayurveda & Shamanism

An Introductory course to better communication, connection, and journeying together

Prepare For The Equinox & Solstice


Journey with us into the Shadows

The movement into Autumn is a journey into the darkness, a time of the Shadow Self.  The Elders share this is a time of returning within oneself, of harvesting and absorbing all the gifts, wisdoms, and experiences from this past year while releasing what no longer serves usIt's a time to allow all the scattered energies settle so we may return with a clear mind and open heart.  


This period between the Fall Equinox and Winter Solstice is a very special and sacred time of ritual, cleansing, and meditation.

We find however, there are few who know how to be apart of this process, to use it as a bridge for stepping into a more awake and connected state.  Instead, many feel thrown off balance and become the effect of these unseen influences at play.

Join us on this sacred journey as we cleanse our bodies, align our minds, and learn how to live in rhythm with the seasons in a sacred manner.

Into The Darkness &

Ayurveda Detox

Shamanic Meditation


Through The Darkness 

Full Capacity

Full Capacity

Shamanic Woman:

Introductory Series

Series is FULL

Enter a less constrictive and a more
expansive paradigm

Shamanism is a way of perceiving and interacting with the world via Self-Awareness.  Hence this is a path of deep self-exploration. The spirit within all things is constantly communicating with us and Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation.  

The Core

We provide the universal principles found in traditions worldwide.  We're not about belief or new age Fluff but providing the core underlying principles all traditions use.  We're about application of these principles, activating the subtle awarenesses and cultivating skills.


You can apply and gauge the effects  in real-time.

No Fluff, No Woo-Woo, Just the core that puts you back into direct contact with yourself and the spirit of all things


There are many ways to meditate and each has a specific focus and outcome.  We share the key meditations that enable you to ground within, expand your awareness, enter cosmic states and overall give you a grounded foothold within yourself and your ability to communicate and play within The Everything


Rituals play an incredibly important part.  A ritual is anything that concentrates our awareness with what is happening in this moment.  It creates a doorway to access Source, Elders, and the essence of Great Spirit.


Rituals help one stay connected amongst the bustle of modern life.  They help you reconnect with your center, with source, and your connection with all things. 

It's becoming aware of the great cycle
and how to join the dance

Awaken the inner wisdom & Empower others to do the same