It's stirring the remembrances of the inherent  wisdom within each of us as a People of Spirit and empowering you to live it

Helping youth and adults gain the tools to navigate life through cultural regeneration and the nature based wisdom of Ayurveda, Shamanism and nature immersion.

We’re part of a global movement nourishing nature based communities and revitalizing the cultural models and ancestral perspectives that have provided a sense of belonging and continuity as a village and as individuals within the great web of life.

We provide the long held cultural practices such as Rites of Passage, Vision Quest, Gathering around fire, giving voice to the Elders, and gathering as community to honor and celebrate the cyclic stages of life.


We provide mentoring and experiences for youth to support them as they transition through their teens.  We provide mentoring for adults as they navigate their cyclic stages, harvest the medicine of their shadows, and make life transitions.

We use nature as our classroom, our council space, as our teacher and through Nature Based Skills such as primitive fire making, tracking, bird language, and nature awareness, we provide the above offerings to support our community on their unique journey in life.

Concerned about Cultural Appropriation? We are too! click here to learn more.

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Dates & Locations
Dates & Locations
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You may have already recognized this is NOT new knowledge, but merely stirring the remembrances of the wisdom already within us.

Discover how to live in greater alignment through Ayurveda.  

Detox your body, identify your unique body-mind, learn rituals and mantras, and discover how to live in greater relationship with yourself and what sustains you... to live in a sacred manner.

Experience the Shamanic  Practices, meditations, rituals, and initiations that put you in direct contact with yourself and Source Spirit from which we're all connected.

It's said "Spirit is always speaking to us and Shamanism is a means of joining the conversation.

You can see because we're always looking out our own eyes we don't see the beliefs, patterns, and stories we use to bind us.  Here you learn how to make the unseen seen, how to break free from our invisible chains, and how to access and live our potential in the now.

We're here to foster a sense of community, to empower our youth, honor our elders, and provide a tangible means of personal growth

Massage & Shamanism

Imagine if our youth were given the tools and understandings of their body, of their unique cravings, why they react the way they and others do.

Imagine if they learned how to manage their emotions, to honor other people, and learned what as adults we wish we learned when were kids to live with greater balance, connection and understanding.

These classes integrate storytelling, games, and nature to share the time honored wisdom of Ayurveda and character development.

Healthy relationships create healthy communities.  Yet we find as individuals we often  project or carry our limitations and wounds into our relationships.

Ayurveda & Shamanism reveal how to heal your wounds, to step into the new now with your partner, how to understand them and be understood.... to be in a sacred partnership.

Learn how to bypass triggers, to improve communication, how to be "partners" and support each other on your unique sacred journey through life.

Returning Soon

Chivito has learned from healers around the world.  He's an incredible massage therapists, shamanic healer, and guide.  

Take advantage of his thai massage and shamanic healings. 

Online Offerings for  those unable to attend our live gatherings

Improving Your Relationship through Ayurveda & Shamanism

An Introductory course to better communication, connection, and journeying together

It's becoming aware of the great cycle
and how to join the dance

Awaken the inner wisdom & Empower others to do the same