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Remembering Ourselves Home



We’re a unique community of misfits, nature lovers, indigenous and non-indigenous, people of many lands and race who are returning to the fireside and through universal cultural ways of storytelling, ritual, honoring the elders and inspiring our youth we are remembering how to restore these cultural ways of living in togetherness with each other, the land and the great mystery weaving us together.

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Join The

Village Co-op

Our online & live interactive community

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We provide the long held cultural practices such as Wilderness Rites of Passage, Nature Skills, Vision Quest, Elder Training, Gathering around fire, Giving voice to the Elders, and gathering as community to honor and celebrate the cyclic stages of life.


We provide mentoring & training from an indigenous and mythic-archetypal lens for adults & youth as you navigate your cyclic stages, greet significant life transitions, traditional grief tending, & adopting these mythic-indigenous ways of living & being in the world.


Together we are healing from our collective wound of colonization, reclaiming our personal and collective sovereignty, and restoring the cultural ways within our modern world that breathes meaning, connection, and belonging in our lives.

We are Decolonizing our minds and re-Indigenizing our hearts

for we are all indigenous of Earth. 

This we must do if we are to survive as a people.

See below dates of next offerings & classes

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Begin January 2022

Village Co-op

We created The Village Co-op to give everyone an opportunity to participate and gain entrance into these “rememberings” as we gather together in traditional ways around both the virtual and live fireside.

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Offered Weekly

EarthWise Podcast

Listen into our podcast as we explore through traditional means of storytelling and dialogue these ancestral and Indigenous wisdom of living and walking our unique path.

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Offered Weekly

Medicine Story Podcast

In these weekly podcasts we explore we review our stories and experiences through an indigenous and mythic-archetypal lens... We explore traditional grief tending, shadow work, and harvesting the "medicine" within our life experiences.

Concerned about Cultural Appropriation? We are too! click here to learn more.

We're here to foster a sense of community, to empower our youth, honor our elders, and provide a tangible means of personal growth

It's becoming aware of the great cycle
and how to join the dance

Awaken the inner wisdom & Empower others to do the same