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Community, Nature, Elders, & Sacred Gatherings

In the days of old we would gather around the fire and through storytelling, elders and soulful dialog we would stir the remembrances of the wisdom inherently within us. ​

We would learn through direct experience as we journey together into the wild places.

What We Do

We provide a variety of gatherings and learning opportunities that weave together the wisdom of Ayurveda, Nature Based Spirituality, Shamanism, and Wilderness Skills into a village base learning where we gather and learn through direct experience, soulful dialog, and storytelling.  

We strive to inspire our youth, support the parents, and provide the opportunity to learn, to belong, and to explore for ALL people and walks of life.

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Below are a few upcoming offerings & gatherings.

Fire Gatherings:  We gather around the fire, call in the Spirits who guide us and focus on a specific principles or wisdom of Ayurveda, Shamanism, Permaculture or Nature based spirituality.  We weave together storytelling, ritual and soulful dialogue and provide practical ways of applying and living this wisdom in our everyday lives.

Kitchen Culture:  We meet at various homes where we enjoy brunch together.  Connect with others, share stories, and enjoy a sense of community and be in meaningful conversations.  FREE

Wilderness Classes:  We offer a variety of wilderness classes for youth and adults that weave together primitive skills, nature based spirituality, and shamanism.  They provide you an experience of deeper connection and discovery.

Whiskey, Fire & Spirits:  This is a free and causal community event hosted at Edgefield McMenamin's.  We gather around the fire and enjoy good food, drinks, and soulful conversations.  We evoke the spirits and invite them into the conversation.  We weave together storytelling, and share in soulful dialogue


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