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The Ancient Nature Based Science of India that reveals how to be in relationship with our bodies, minds, and spiritual journey.

Ayurveda Definition of Health is:

  1. A mind free from negativity

  2. A body in balance with it's unique form & function

  3. A relaxed and joyful heart

  4. One aligned with their life path

An imbalance in one area affects the others

Hatha Class

Important To Know

Ayurveda empowers you to take your health into your own hands.  It's hence for those who don't want to temporarily manipulate their body and instead want to know how to be in relationship with your body and be able to consistently make informed decisions regarding food, herbs, health rituals, and navigating your journey of health amongst our modern world of limited time, restaurants, and life events.

Ayurveda reveals how to live in partnership with our life path and navigate our journey with greater awareness and understanding. OM!

Types of Sessions


Intro Session $45

Despite the simplicity Ayurveda provides it can be challenging to know where or how to begin.  This session is a great opportunity to sit down with a professional practitioner. During our 45 minutes together we'll enjoy a delicious Ayurvedic tea, and explore the simplistic principles, wisdom, and paths Ayurveda has to offer you specifically.  You'll gain incite into common struggles, mental-emotional states, and discover new understanding how to live in greater balance.  You'll walk away feeling you just had the curtain pulled back and you're able to more clearly see the influences at play in your life, health, and relationships. You'll gain clear steps you can begin to take.

Ayurveda Assessment
Your Dosha Session
City Life Ayurveda
Urban Nightscape

This session is for those wanting to address specific health concerns or simply want to learn how to lead their body and mind back into balance.


You'll receive a traditional pulse, tongue and eye reading that'll reveal what's happening in your bodily systems.  From this we're able to decipher primary causes of imbalances and hence how to address them accordingly.

In addition to that, through soulful dialogue and questions, we'll paint a clear picture of where you are within the Ayurveda Definition of health as shared above. You discover clear steps you can take right now which may include herbs, diet, types of meditation or health rituals.

The tremendous value this assessment provides you is you'll discover the unseen influences and causes of imbalance and you gain a clear path of how to overcome them and reach your health goals.


90 minutes

There are three dominant body-mind types.  Each person typically embodies one of them.  Knowing your unique type called a Dosha, provides a simple common sense frame of reference for what and why you experience life as you do. 


Your Dosha reveals what herbs, food, and health rituals will best serve you during each season.  

When you know your Dosha, you become empowered to consistently make informed decisions.  You know how to harness your strengths and discover how to live from your center. Knowing your Dosha reveals how to navigate the landscape of your unique journey through life.

We take pride in simplifying your dosha.  We make it easy to understand and easy to follow the guidelines it provides so you can thrive within your natural constitution.

This includes a 30 minute follow up session to help you further dial in what you learn.


90 minutes

This is for those who live a fast paced lifestyle where you're constantly on the go.  Perhaps you don't have time to cook your own food or meditate and do yoga everyday.

In this session, you'll learn how to still live in a sacred manner and have a sense of connection flow in your life despite your fast pace lifestyle.

We'll explore herbs to balance your mind and energy.  You'll discover simple rituals and micro meditations to release stress and re-ground you in your center throughout the day.  

You'll also learn simple principles to make informed decisions regarding foods if you eat out and how to use them to increase stamina, quality sleep, and experience more mental clarity.

Overall, you'll walk away knowing how to integrate small things that will have a huge impact on your sense of balance, connection and health.


90 minutes

To schedule a session, email us at   Share what you're interested in and your primary motivation in scheduling a session.  We look forward to serving you!

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