NatureWise Virtual Fire Circle

Online classroom where we remember the original understandings and how to apply them in our modern life

This online offering is in response to everyone speaking of wanting an ongoing class and for those unable to join us in the forest.    

This is for those passionate about their personal growth and learning the earth based ancestral ways of relating with Spirit, Nature, and Yourself

It’s for those wanting to root out the ways they self-sabotage and gain new perspective, tools and mentoring to mature into a more authentic expression of how Spirit is dreaming you into the world

It’s for those who are curious to interpret their unique path through the shamanic and mythological lens that reveal the archetypal elements, patterns, and flows being expressed in your life right now.

It’s for those who want to learn how to bring their unique gifts into the world and contribute to the healing of our communities

The Virtual Fire Circle is an online Learning Circle where we draw out the principles, mindsets, and practices of Ayurveda, Earth Based Shamanism, Social Permaculture, and the ancestral perspectives of those esteemed elders who've come before us.

Twice a month join us via conference call around the "Virtual" Learning Fire.

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Content We Explore:

  • Ayurveda reveals how the patterns of nature are being expressed through our bodies and minds through the changing cyclic seasons and it offers incite into how to align with nature as it's expressing through us

  • Mind Detox… Weaves together principles of modern mind science with the advanced ancient mind science from the time honored traditions of Buddhism, Yoga, and Ayurveda.  Explore how to detox the mind of limiting beliefs, narratives, stress, and self-limiting mindsets.  Learn the simple ways of harnessing the mind and eliminating mind blubber. 

  • Ancestral Perspectives invites an intimate way of relating with Spirit through nature and offers practices of living in greater connection, harmony and understanding

  • How the Mythological and Archetypal themes, elements and people are present in your life and hence how to navigate your path with greater understanding, clarity and confidence

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  • Experience NatureWise Mentoring and tailor the teachings to you while on the call

  • Gain entrance to a soulful dialogue with like spirited community

  • Experience a sense of continuity and recurring clarity with navigating the landscape your unique path

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 These conference calls happen twice a month and weaves together both the time honored wisdom with modern day science and research that reveals what our earth based ancestors have always known.

Each class provides core principles and action steps to apply them in the immediacy of your life experience.

Experience a traditional way of being part of a learning circle…   Through storytelling, deep inquiry, core teachings, and community dialogue we draw out how the teachings are being expressed in the immediacy of our life.  

Learn More about Chivito & Guest Elders

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  • Entrance to two live Virtual Fire Circles each month (Mondays 6pm to 8pm)

  • Receive a recording of each call

  • Receive an Ebook of each call

  • Receive worksheets with practical steps to help integrate the teachings into your personalized life experience

  • Personalized Mentoring via Email.  Got questions? Email us and Chivito will personally reply and help support you.

How It Flows:

Class is the 2nd & 4th Monday of each month from 6:00pm to 7:30pm.  We gather via conference call.  You can either call in from where you are or click the link to join the conversation. 


  • Two Virtual Campfires a month about 90 minutes

  • Monday Evenings 6pm to 8:30pm

If you'd like to join us, fill out the form, lets us know why it resonates, and we'll send you registration info. 

Feel free to ask us any questions in the meantime.  OM!

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