Fire Gatherings

Part of a Village Culture is gathering in council around the fire.  It's gathering with the Elders... It's hearing each other's stories... It's helping to stir the remembrances of the wisdom already within you and how to live it.

Join us as we gather around the fire in a sacred manner, perform ritual, and reconnect with the land, animals and how we're part of the great web of life. 

We draw from the wisdom of Ayurveda, Eastern Shamanism, Permaculture and conversations with Elders of various Spirit Traditions.  Through dialogue, inspired storytelling and humor we weave together a rich tapestry of understanding and explore how to bring this into our moderns lives.

The focus of these Fire Gatherings is to explore and reveal the wisdoms and practices to live with greater connection and understanding and provide practical ways to apply these understandings so you may live in a sacred manner… feel more connected, aligned with your truth and values, and walk a line of balance within our modern world which often doesn’t give much thought in how we move through the world.

These Fire Gatherings are part of our Free Community Offerings. 


Chivito drives up to 3 hours one way to offer these. We greatly appreciate donations to cover cost of wood, gas and other supplies to keep you comfortable.  Also happy to receive wood



“Thank you for these! I feel an awakening within me during each of these Spirit Fire Gatherings.  The storytelling feeds my soul and reminds me how important it is to feel this sense of enchantment and inspiration.  It’s soul food.” ~ Janice  


“In our fast paced consumer based society I forget how important it is to slow down and create the space to be inspired.  There are few opportunities I’m aware of to participate in the magic and beauty of gathering together like you offer in these Spirit Fire Gatherings.  The content is valuable and so needed.  I love how you share the wisdom through storytelling.  Very very enjoyable.”  ~ Jay

Through these gatherings, you discover how to walk more deliberately through the world in relationship with your unique lifestyle and expression.

In these gatherings we’ll :


  • Experience inspiring stories and weekly practices

  • Partake in Fire Ritual

  • Experience sacred community

  • Opportunity to share your stories and integrate your experiences with other inspired learners

  • Experience mentoring through the Art of Questioning

  • Discover practical ways and understandings to live more connected and in a sacred manner

  • Experience a sense of belonging and being aligned on your unique Spirit path

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"You really do “weave an inspired tapestry” together during these Spirit Fire Gatherings.  The storytelling, conversations, and content has helped me ground in my truths. I feel so connected from them.  I look forward to them.” ~ Lucy


“You’re an incredible storyteller.  I feel so inspired by how you shared the conversations with the elders.  You said it’s about stirring the remembrances within and you definitely did that.  I feel so connected and empowered to live them after each Fire Gathering.  Thank you!” ! John

Next Fire Gathering


April 14th


12pm to 2pm

How To Join

In order to create a safe and sacred space this is an invite only offering.  If you would like to join us, schedule a FREE 10-15 minute phone interview.  This gives us a chance to connect, answer questions, and give you details on how to find us and what to expect.  

Fill out the form below.  Introduce yourself and why you'd like to join the Fire Gathering.

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