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Grief Tending

Restoring the Ancestral and Cultural ways of navigating the deep well of grief

Grief and loss touches us all.  It is said Grief is the other side of the coin of love. The greater the love the greater the loss.

Every culture has had rituals to attend the wild mystery of loss.  We once had the elders and community who knew not only how to support the initiatory process of grieving but also recognized the importance of tending our grief for it was a way of honoring how we’ve been touched by life.

We’re here to support you and guide you in these traditional ways through ritual, releasing your grief into the earth, ways of integration and renewal, of feeling o.k. and having an anchor as you journey with your grief.

To begin, send an email and introduce yourself, what you're experiencing and navigating, and we'll then schedule a time to connect via phone or in person. 

Cost varies.  We're here to support you. Each person's journey and needs are unique.  Grief Tending isn't something that necessarily fits into a schedule or can be organized into a program. 


There's an organic process and we move to support you in a way that honors your grief and own process.


We're shifting out of a transactional system and enter a gifting culture that nourishes relationship and exchange that feels good for all. 

We'll connect with what your needs are and what will feel good for all.  Gratitude. 

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