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The Empowered Empath

An introduction to the time honored techniques of becoming an empowered Empath

Learn how to discern other people’s “stuff” from your own without taking it on and how to harness your intuitive abilities to better serve others.


Learn how to protect yourself from toxic people, relationships, and situations.  Learn how to recognize your sovereignty, your path of collapsing it, and how to comfortably rest within it while encountering toxic people or situations

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As an empath, you have an amazing gift.  For many however, it doesn’t feel like a gift.  Many are unable to be amongst groups, participate in events or friendly gatherings or spend much time being social.   Too many experience a sense of isolation because of it as it prevents them from being out and about and getting the sense of connection we all need.


Others get caught in toxic relationships and drawn into group dynamics that deplete them.


The impact of taking on other people’s “Stuff” and experiencing it in your own body can be extremely harmful.  If you’re a healer or guide, it can be disastrous.  You may also consider how by doing so you're actually being a disservice to others as well as to yourself. What might it be costing you in energy, connections and well being by not learning how to honor your container of you?

This is an introductory skills-based training where you'll learn to apply these proven techniques during class.  We draw from both modern and the time honored practices of Ayurvedic Psychology, Earth Based Wisdom and the universal cultural pillars such as Way of Council and peer-to-peer mentoring.


Like all our classes, these take place outdoors amongst nature where we're able to draw from their elemental energies.  The ferns, trees, and river provide a safe and practical space for you to practice these skills.

We strive to share in a traditional manner.  Rather than being taught "at", we weave together a tapestry of learning through storytelling, practical application, games, humor and soulful dialogue so rather than "learning" you have an experience of awakening what's learned so it becomes your own and hence more intuitive to apply in your own life.

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Join us for a day amongst nature where we learn the core skills of being a healthy and empowered empath.  You’ll learn how to comfortably rest within your “sovereignty” without collapsing it.  You’ll learn how to discern your energy field, thoughts and emotions from other people, a circumstance, and even from social media. You'll gain the skill with how to perceive these other "energies" without taking them on.  

You'll learn the basics of how to protect yourself from toxic relationships and interact with energy vampires without being affected by them.  Learn new super powers!

Consider the impact this will have!



Date: July 27th

Time: 10am to 4pm (6 hours)

Location: Just outside of Welches OR.  We provide specific directions after your interview.

Investment: $82

Enrollment Deadline: Schedule interview before July 24th


How to Join:

This is an invitation only offering.... Part of our code is "Relational not transactional."  We follow a more traditional manner of starting with an introduction..  Please fill out the form and let us know why this resonates and what you hope to get from the class.  Write "Empath Class" in Subject line please. We'll then schedule a free 10 minute phone interview.  In this way we create safe and sacred space for all who attend. 

If you have any questions, email us at  We're an open book and happy to share! 

Thanks! Message sent.

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