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How To Live In a Sacred Manner Amongst Our Modern World

Join us as we gather around a virtual campfire and explore what it means to walk in a sacred manner within our modern world. 

This is a six week series where each week we connect via conference call with people across the globe and engage in inspired dialogue, storytelling, myths and practical ways to apply the wisdom and understandings of those who’ve come before us.

We draw from the wisdom of Ayurveda, the great Himalayan Shaman who I lived and trained with over 6 years, of the ways and understandings of various tribes in the U.S and indigenous cultures across the globe and draw from the myths and customs of traditions worldwide.


The focus of these virtual campfire gatherings is to provide practical ways to apply these understandings so you may live in a sacred manner… feeling more connected, aligned with your truth and values, and walk a line of balance within our modern world which often doesn’t give much thought in how we move through the world.

Through this series, you discover how to walk more deliberately through the world in relationship with your unique lifestyle and expression.

In these calls we’ll :


  • Experience inspiring stories and weekly practices

  • Share your stories and integrate your experiences with other inspired learners

  • Experience mentoring through the Art of Questioning

  • Discover practical ways and understanding to live more connected and in a sacred manner

We'll Explore:

Mindfulness... techniques & mindsets to bring more mindfulness within your day so it's natural and intuitive

Ritual...  The significance of Ritual and how to adopt/create micro rituals throughout your day to amplify your deep sense of connection and alignment

Mindsets... Explore new ways of perceiving and interacting with yourself, others, daily duties, and the cycles of life.

Reading The Signs...  Discover how to read the signs and messages often presented to us andhow we may be part of the conversation with Spirit happening moment by moment.

Dates & Times Coming Soon

Can’t make every call…. no worries.  You’ll be emailed a recording of each call so you access the stories, inspiration and sense of community worldwide who are looking to live in a more conscious and sacred manner.

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