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Intro to Shamanic Meditation and Practices

This Saturday, Sept 30th 9am to Noon   

Join us for a magical morning of ritual, meditations, storytelling, shamanic drumming, and exploring the practices of Eastern Shamanism.

This is an introduction to Shamanic Meditation and Practices.  


We draw upon universal shamanic teaching methods integrating humor, storytelling, drumming, ritual, and meditation practices to lovingly lead you in a powerful and nourishing inner journey. 


Spirit is always speaking with us and shamanism is a means of joining the conversation.  In this introductory class you’ll experience how to join the conversation.

In this three hour introduction you’ll:


  • Experience how to focus your awareness within the breath to activate the deeper states of meditation

  • How to lovingly lead the mind into meditation so you have a consistent meditation practice

  • The common pitfalls and obstacles preventing most from experiencing meditation and how to bypass them

  • Become aware of the intention and goal of Shamanic Meditation and Practices... where's it leading you?

  • How to perform and activate a Ritual so you experience the immediate effects of it

  • Discover the general map of spiritual growth and how to navigate the inner terrain with awareness and understanding

  • Experience the three states of The Master Shaman and how to begin to cultivate them

We’ll be touching upon the principles, meditations and practices provided during our upcoming Six Week Shamanic Yoga Sadhana series.  Click Here to Learn More


It’s a chance to experience them, meet Chivito (the Shaman), ask questions, and be apart of the magical nourishing morning. 


Join us.

Picture taken in Himalayas

 Chivito is coming to Seattle... Normally we share, if you want to learn shamanism, you must go where the shamans are.  In this intro class, we're coming to you and offering if it in Capitol Hill, Seattle.   Join us!

Only $37.50   (50% off our normal 3 hour training)

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