Learn The Traditional Art of Storytelling

This is an introductory workshop of learning how to be a storyteller and use storytelling to educate, inspire, entertain, heal, and provide council.  

If you are an educator, mentor, healer and trainer of any sorts then you want to learn the art of storytelling.  It’ll increase the effectiveness and long term results of those you serve exponentially.

Storytelling is as old as we've been here on the earth and has long been the traditional way of sharing information, guiding others to their own truth, and providing deep healing.


Through storytelling you become a better speaker both in the context of groups and with peer to peer dialogue.

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Why is this?


As humans, we’re on information overload yet more information hasn’t helped make the changes we say we want, it hasn’t stopped violence, poor eating habits, or solved world peace.

How many times have you gone to a workshop or training.  You felt super inspired by the content but once you returned home to your life you asked "Now, how do I apply this?"  Have you ever gone to a workshop where you received more information than you could process?

Giving a Presentation

Through storytelling, you’re able to bypass the mind’s blocks of “memorization” and receiving “information.”  Through story, you engage the imagination of the mind which provides an entrance for inspired content to enter and stir the inner workings of a person to make the content their own and bring it forward uniquely into their lives.  What you’re doing here is enabling them to make the content their own and hence be motivated to take it and use it.



  • Inspire, teach and motivate through stories

  • Structure of stories

  • How to easily memorize stories

  • How to gather your own collection of stories to tell

  • Gain comfort in telling stories

  • Choosing stories for different occasions

  • How to tell a tale

  • Gain confidence in social settings and in speaking

  • Core ingredients that engage people into the story

  • Hold the attention of your listener

  • Voice, intonation, pauses

  • How to begin and end a story

  • Key words to engage listeners and draw them in

High School Art

For example, if you’re wanting to provide council to a youth who just isn’t interested in hearing from an adult, if you share a story that enables the youth to relate with the character, you’ll be able to guide the youth to new incites and find the answer by themselves.  


If you’re a corporate trainer, you can use storytelling of real life situations as well as use bardic tales to not only keep your audience engaged and interested, you’ll find they retain more of the content than ever before.


As a counselor, mentor, or doctor, storytelling offers you a way of bypassing a person’s normal go-to mental patterns that keeps them stuck.  Through storytelling you’re able to present new ways of thinking, discover new motivators, and reveal options they wouldn’t have considered if you just told them the options point blank.

Classmates in the Library


Dates: Sept 13th through 15th

Friday, Saturday & Sunday


Friday at 11am to 5pm 

Saturday  11 to 3pm and 6pm to 9pm

Sunday 10am to 3pm

Location: Troutdale OR

Investment: $500

Early Bird Discount $450 if enroll by Aug 31st

Saturday, you’ll be given a story to learn and apply what’ve been learning. Saturday evening we’ll meet at McMenamins Edgefield where we’ll gather around the fire outside the red shed and share our stories in the traditional bardic-gypsy fashion.  You’ll be able to enjoy food and drinks.

Sunday we’ll hone in what you’ve learned and reveal how to apply your new storytelling skills to multiple areas of life.

From this workshop, you’ll gain the basics of being an effective storyteller, improve your communication and listening skills, and gain incite into using storytelling for a multiple purposes (education, inspire, heal, counsel, entertain)

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How To Join Us

All our offerings are by an invite only.  To join, please fill out the form and share why this resonates and what you hope to take away from the class.  We'll then schedule a FREE 15 minute phone interview to connect with you further, provide details and answer any questions you have. 

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