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Pandemic Mentoring

Have support & guidance during the Pandemic

To support those feeling challenged or struggling during the Pandemic we're offering 3 Free sessions/day. (Normally $82/session)

We’re not designed to walk this path alone.

These one-on-one sessions are for those who are experiencing fear, uncertainty, isolation, and grief with all that’s happenings. It’s for those who are struggling to navigate these times, to find meaning in them and find again your center.

It's also for those who are mentors and coaches who also need support, council and reminders of the gift and medicine you carry.

In these sessions we connect via Video or phone. We’ll explore the inner landscape you’re navigating; the emotions, thoughts, and stories surfacing within you and reveal the mythical layers being offered within them. 

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"The youth can walk fast, but the elder knows the road"

~ African Proverb.

Through skilled inquiry, you’ll be guided in navigating your inner terrain and reground in your center.

“Chivito has a way of deeply listening, catching your stories, and helping you remember your power. He has an eye for the invisible threads and helps you not only unravel the tangles, but weave a new tapestry.”
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“We all need support.  Everyone of us.  Sometimes what we need is merely someone to listen, to catch our stories, to be with you in the moment.  There’s a kind of healing in being heard, felt and accepted”.

This offering is part of our village project to support the restoration of cultural ways for healthy communities, families and individuals. 

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These sessions are for:

  • Tending to Grief

  • Anxiety and Fear

  •  Feeling isolated, alone or without support/connection

  • Discover the mythic elements & symbology at play

  • Re-center, ground and find your personal power

  • Take control of your mind, thoughts and emotions

  • Align, connect, and remember the "medicine" you carry in the world.

  • Need someone to talk to, to be seen, to be heard.

What To Expect & Flow


Chivito has a way of deeply listening  and drawing out the invisible influences, blocks and narratives at play.  He’ll ask you questions to help you unravel confusion and guide you to discover new clarity. 


He may share practical action steps or offer you new tools/skills with navigating. 


You’ll also experience reconnection and grounding techniques so you'll leave the walk feeling restored, grounded, and aligned with your center. 


These sessions are informative, restorative and empowering.

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One Hour


Invest:  FREE (normally $82)

How To Schedule 

Click The Button To Schedule. You'll then be emailed a zoom link to connect at the time you've scheduled.


Got Questions? Use the form, begin with introducing yourself, share a little what you're experiencing and any questions you may have. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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