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Nature Therapy

Re-attuning to the living earth

There has been a very ancient conversation happening between the human spirit and the world of nature. Our senses were once tuned into the subtle emanations of the living earth.


Today, we are far removed from the natural world of our ancestors.  Increased urbanization is associated with increased levels of mental illness, particularly anxiety, depression, disconnection and a lack of belonging.  Nature Deficient disorders creates fatigue and being plagued by self-doubt and criticism. 


In the days of old, when someone was ill or spirits fell, they’d be taking into the country and out of the bustle of the city.

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These mentoring sessions happen as a nature walk through a local park

During this session we connect at a local park.  We guide your senses in such a way they’re able to re-attune to the  the living earth as our earth based ancestors once did. You discover how to dis-engage the mind and reconnect. We tailor your session to your specific wants and needs using both ancestral and modern modalities to guide you into balance.  You gain new skills, mindsets and techniques to apply on your own so you may continue on your own.

By doing so, we’ve observed most mental and physical illnesses subside as you feel recharged, connected, and aligned. 

These sessions Help:

  • Anxiety and Stress

  • Sense of disconnection, aloneness, and lack of belonging

  • Plagued with self-doubt and criticism

  • Restoration and connection with nature and self

  • Loss of meaning, purpose or sense of value

  • Improve your relationship(s)

  • Fatigue, exhaustion, and mental-emotional roller coastering

  • Renewed spiritual connection

  • Insomnia, chronic pain, and digestive disorders

These sessions are informative, restorative and empowering.

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About Your Mentor

Chivito (Chee-Vee-Toe) has lived a life few ever experience.  He was trained in a traditional manner by Shamans, Swami’s Doctors and Llamas of India where he lived over six year period. He underwent intensive training in both India and the U.S.  He’s a certified Ayurveda Practitioner and interned with Doctors and Village Medicine Men in India. As he journeyed through his own depths and experienced the art of mentoring from these esteemed teachers, he also apprenticed to guiding others and applying the nature based psychology and healing modalities.


He’s been a wilderness rites of passage guide serving At-Risk youth and Adults.  For 16 years he’s been serving others, guiding them through their inner landscape, and supporting them in discovering their own truth.


He practices a traditional way of guiding called Coyote Mentoring. It’s a way of asking questions to help you find your own answers while organically weaving in wisdom teachings and practices for you to discover new tools and ways of tending to life.

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1.5 hours


These sessions are made available twice a month at Lacamas Park. Space is limited so be sure to schedule in advance. 


Invest: $175 

How To Schedule 

If this is your first time:

We honor a more traditional approach to scheduling.  Using the form, begin with introducing yourself and sharing why this resonates and what you'll like to focus on. We'll then schedule a FREE 10-15 minute phone interview.  This is an opportunity connect, review in more detail what you're experiencing or what your intentions are and answer any questions you have.  If it feels aligned, we'll then schedule your session.


We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If for whatever reason this wasn't for you we'll offer 100% refund

Thanks! Message sent.

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