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Be part of a spiritual wilderness community who's passionate about deepening their spiritual connection with nature, learning wilderness and scout skills, diving into rites of passage and honoring the ancestral perspectives of being in the world.

We provide fire gatherings, Youth & Adult Wilderness training, Rites of Passage and Vision Quest opportunities. We're giving voice to the Elders, empowering our youth and re-wilding Adults.

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Below are a few upcoming offerings & gatherings.

Fire Gatherings:  We gather around the fire, call in the Spirits who guide us and focus on a specific principles or wisdom of Ayurveda, Shamanism, Permaculture or Nature based spirituality.  We weave together storytelling, ritual and soulful dialogue and provide practical ways of applying and living this wisdom in our everyday lives.

Wilderness Classes:  We offer a variety of wilderness classes for youth and adults that weave together primitive skills, nature based spirituality, and shamanism.  They provide you an experience of deeper connection and discovery.


Youth Wilderness:  We provide nature classes for youth, share primitive skills, and weave in the wisdom of core life skills such as how to manage their emotions, how to discover their unique gifts to bring into the world, and provide the experiences for them to grow into their strengths and unique expression of being.


Forest Shaman Training:  Shamanism is based on the principles of nature.  It's heightening your senses and cultivating a deeper relationship with nature, spirit and yourself.  Shaman training is a way of journeying so you instead of "learning" you awaken the understandings through direct experience.  

Learn the practices, mindsets, rituals, and deeper technical understandings that empower the shaman to know what to do and how to do it regardless of tradition or focus. 


Kitchen Culture: 

We meet at various homes where we enjoy brunch together.  Connect with others, meet new friends, share stories, and enjoy a sense of community and be in meaningful conversations.  FREE

At the Dinner Table

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