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Sacred Hoop Year

A Shamanic & Indigenous Path Through The Hoop Year

Rhythms of The Sacred Village
A Village Co-op

The Sacred Hoop Year is our way of village tending and making the village ways affordable and accessible to everyone. 


Throughout the year, The Sacred Hoop Year provides you invitations for both Live and Virtual offerings as we move together with the flow and mythic reflections of the seasons. It's experiencing and being part of a sacred village revolving through the cyclic hoop year.


This gives you exclusive entrance to our community seasonal rituals, Shamanic Weekends of fasting, Ritualized Sweats, Spirit Dance, Grief Tending Circles, and Village Fires.  (These are exclusively available to members of Sacred Hoop Year and our intensive journeys.)


This is a special and exclusive invitation for those who’ve been part of Tree of Totems and are ready to deepen in and become embodied by these ancestral learnings as we move through the hoop year.

This year is inviting us into a deepening of life… a deepening into the mythical shamanic and indigenous lens that weaves us into the hidden meanings within the movements of our life as we revolve through the cyclic seasons of the hoop year. 

Remembering Forgotten Things and Endangered Knowledge

This is a soul-nourishing journey of feasting on endangered rememberings that weave us back into accord with the Great Mystery and all its beauty making.


This is a journey of feeding the Holy in Nature, the Holy in your life, The Holy in the unique way you’re being dreamt into the world with the Medicine you carry within you.


It’s living what the Hopi and Dineh call “Hozho” walking in beauty.  In this we experience a remembering ourselves home.


It’s a path that brings you into direct contact with the unteachable learnings… those teachings that will only ever be known to you and the mountain, to you and the path underfoot.  

A year in the life of a Shamanic Village 

The Sacred Hoop year offers both Live and Virtual gatherings as we flow together through the cyclic influences of the year.

It provides a variety of ways to deepen in, connect, and grow.  You can participate in all or one's you choose.

In addition to the gatherings, you'll have access to our Library of Endangered Rememberings, Fox & Raven Bone's Reflective Storytelling, and to Elder's and Mentors.

Here's the flow and opportunities:

Virtual Fire Gatherings


1st Tues at 6pm PST

Virtual Wisdom Fire

We dive into indigenous and ancestral wisdoms, learn new techniques of navigating the path and living in alignment with the mythic, and reflect together on what these stir within us


3rd Tues at 6pm PST

Virtual Village Circle

We gather around the virtual fireside and through storytelling, beauty making, ritual and soulful dialogue we experience our togetherness and be fed by the Sacred that rises up from these gatherings.

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4th Sunday at 6pm PST

Virtual Medicine Hut

In this virtual gathering you're guided through a new healing technique.  These help you make profound shifts, grief tend, step into your medicine and gifts, heal trauma, or new skills to be more aligned, empowered, and in flow.  A powerful circle indeed!

Seasonal Live Offerings

(These are offerings we will grow into as a village as we prepare the land and space for you to arrive into in a sacred way.  These will be scheduled to align with seasonal influences.  These may ask for additional donations so to support Elders traveling to attend, wood supply, and land maintenance) 

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Elders & Mentors

Have access to connect with initiated elders and mentors to dialogue with, get curious together, draw out the hidden mysteries and meanings together and receive mentoring.  You'll have support, inspiration, and anchors.


Seasonally Scheduled

Shamanic Weekend

Weekend of being in ritual, fasting and prayer, ritualized sweat to cleanse and connect in with The Sacred.  We dedicate our fasting and prayers to others in need of healing and support. 

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Seasonally Scheduled

Spirit Dance

We gather in the sacred lodge and with live drumming, didgeridoos, and chanting, we dance around the fire.  We sweat our prayers, our grief and praise for life. Through the dance we feed the Sacred, give strength to the moon, sun and spirits and in turn are fed by them.


Traditional Culture of Mentors

Grief Tending Circles

Grief Tending is an essential part of a healthy village.  We gather and through ritual, ,storytelling, dialogue, song and movement we transform our grief into the celebration of what we love.  We heal, have support, give voice to the unspoken.

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Seasonally Scheduled

The Village Fire

We gather in the sacred Lodge around the fire. The elders have their honored place. Together we partake in ritual and giving offerings to the fire, the land, the spirits, and all beings.  Through storytelling, humor, beauty making and soul-ful dialogue, we draw out ancestral and indigenous learnings.  We feed the Sacred and get fed by our sense of community and the Holy in Nature rising up to greet us. 

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Seasonally Scheduled

Woman's Mystery Lodge

Women gather together, initiate, prepare and tell the stories to girls about to enter their moon cycle. Gather with elders, peers and youth where through storytelling, ritual, song and dialogue you connect in with the sacred mysteries of womanhood.

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Scheduled Seasonally

Bear Clan: Men's Circle

Men gather around the fire and through storytelling, nature play, ritual and dialogue we explore the mythic themes and archetypal energies present in our life.  We experience a sacred camaraderie and root into the deeper reflections within our present life.

Details & Investment



You can cancel and rejoin at anytime.  We do not turn anyone away. Email us and let us know. 

What it includes:

  • Virtual Wisdom Fire 

  • Virtual Village Circle

  • Virtual Medicine Hut

  • Recordings of each Virtual Event

  • Access to mentors and elders

  • Forum to share and catch each other's stories

  • Weekly Prompts and Reminders (optionally texted to you)

  • Authentic like spirited community


  • Library of Endangered Rememberings

  • Includes recordings of Virtual Council fire

  • Articles, Videos and other resources

  • Access to Fox & Raven Bones Reflective Storytelling both live and archive

  • Special access to live podcasts

  • Guest teachers, Shamans, Babas, and peers sharing from other lineages and practices

Exclusive Invitation to join our Live Events

(These may ask for additional donations)

  • Spirit Dance

  • Village Fire

  • Shamanic weekend of fasting, ritualized sweat, and ceremony

  • Bear Clan, men's circle

  • Women's Mystery Lodge

How to join

If you are presently a member of Tree of Totems and have undergone one of our journeys or personal mentoring, then Click Here.

If you've been invited by a member of Tree of Totems or have found this page in some mysterious way, then please email us at and share why this resonates.  We'll then schedule a phone interview to connect with you and ensure you're of a like spirit.  We ensure to create a safe and sacred space for all people who are part of the village. 


A Village Co-op