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Sacred Nature Connection

Connect, Release, Heal, Rejuvenate

There's a deep longing to feel comfortable and connect with nature in a sacred way... to experience a deeper sense of belonging with the forest, animals, and land. 

So many feel cut off from their ancestral roots and no longer remember the ancestral perspectives of being in relationship with nature.  There's a feeling of being alienated from the natural world we crave to belong to and be more connected with.

The ancestral ways of being in nature reveal how to gain entrance to greater connection, belonging, and being part of the conversations happening all around you while amongst nature.  

It’s a way of releasing the pre-occupied mind, stress and the constant onslaught of life’s demand. It’s a way of re-calibrating to center and experiencing a restoration into wholeness.


These nature connection walks are tailored to your interests and needs. They offer the guidance and space to personalize your own connection with nature through ancestral perspectives, practices, and exercises. 

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About The Session:

These sessions take place in a public park or natural forest near you. You're guided in a safe manner amongst the forest where you naturally arrive in a state of sacred connection. 


We DON'T teach belief.  We offer you the ancestral perspectives and guide you through the experiences and practices to facilitate you cultivating your own personal relationship with the trees, plants, tracks, and animals. 

Possible learnings or "rememberings"

An old saying is we can't enter a world in which we don't know the language and customs of. The forest speaks in it's own tongue. The animals, birds, plants, and spirits have a way of relating and communicating with each other.  NatureWise is a means of joining the conversation and being part of the sacred relationships happening all around you. You'll experience sinking in and becoming a part of it.

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These Forest Sessions are approximately 2 hours long.


Location: We offer this in multiple locations around areas of Portland OR and Tacoma Wa.  

To Schedule: Fill out the form and share why this resonates and what you hope to get from the session.  We'll then schedule a free 15 minute interview to connect with you, dial in your intention and goals, share details and answer any questions.   We'll then schedule the session at a an area close to you.



Thanks! Message sent.

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