Shaman Sadhaka Training

Honoring The Path of Mastery & The Elders who've walked the path so we may walk it now

Sadhaka means Student of The Path.  It's one who has been initiated as a student who has shown their dedication to learning, living the wisdom they awaken within them, and is committed to their spiritual path.

This isn't for those curious about Shamanism & Spiritual Development.  This is offered to those who've gone through preliminary trainings whether through Tree Of Totems or elsewhere and is re

You must be accepted as a Sadhaka before you can begin this training.  

Training is circular.... you progress through circles starting on the edges and evolving toward the center. 

Each circle is earned via exemplifying discipline and competence in previous circle.

You evolve in accordance with not just your progress of skill but also determined by exemplifying core values, acts of service, and living in alignment.