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On-going Shaman & Wilderness Classes

The Shamanic principles & wisdom we share come directly from Nature Herself.  Hence  the "SKILL" of a shaman comes from closely observing nature, developing the more subtle senses, cultivating a consistent connection, learning what to be aware of and how to connect with a heightened awareness of things.

In these classes you join Chivito outside amongst the elements of nature cultivating these skills, rituals, and practices.  You develop your awareness and cultivate heightened senses.

These aren't skills you learn from a book or can develop intellectually.  You want to go out and develop them first hand.

Classes are Every Other Tuesday at 6pm.  

See below for location and RSVPing. 

Each class has four components

1. Ritual & Meditation

2. Awareness Development

3. Applying new skills directly in nature

4. How to extend these skills into everyday life


First Class is Free

Then $15/class

Tuesday 6-8pm

Classes vary in length and average 60-90 mins and can stay longer if wish

RSVP ​by filling out form.  In subject write: Weekly Shaman Class

In message state you want to RSVP and want to know location


See Below for descriptions of lessons we integrate into our classes.  The focus of each class is developing the SKILL of the Shaman

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Heightened Senses Training

We're typically only taught about the five senses of taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.  There are many other senses however such as Spatial sense, Energy sense, Cellular sense of yourself, plants, and people.    

In these wilderness immersions, we provide you techniques to experience, cultivate and sharpen these other senses in addition to the five senses.  

This skill of heightened senses is key for the Shaman.  Not only do you cultivate a heightened awareness but learn how to not to be the affect of other people energy, entities and so forth.

Still Sitting

We find a space in the wilderness to sit and just be there.  We share specific techniques to dissolve your body/mind presence into your environment.... A sort of energetic shape-shifting.  When this happen you begin to experience nature resume around you, interact with you and reveal many gifts and treasures.  

The 20 Gunas

(Universal Language)

There are 20 gunas or "qualities/attributes" of Nature.  These form the five elements which are the primary building blocks.  In these classes you learn how to perceive these in all things, how they interact and how to play with them.

Being able to see, experience and interact with the 20 gunas gives you a heightened ability to participate with nature, understand other people, and specifically know what to do and when to do it in practically any situation, from knowing what foods to eat, how to balance a relationship, the secret of combining herbal formulas, to understanding what's happening around you in nature or elsewhere.

They form the universal language Spirit uses.  By knowing this, it doesn't matter what tradition you follow, you'll know the core meaning and why within any ritual or custom.


Wilderness Skills

Learn wilderness skills such as primitive fire making with bow or hand drill, flint mapping, constellations, plant identification etc.

Plant & Animal Communication skills

Learn how to connect with wild animals and how to connect energetically with plants and trees.  There is so much communication happening while out in the forest.  Most never perceive it.  In these exercises you learn how to join the conversation.  These are tangible and amazing experiences.

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