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A Six Week

Shamanic Journey & Ayurveda Detox


A journey into the shadows


This is a powerful and nourishing journey of cleansing the body, collecting the gifts from the past year while also releasing all the energies no longer serving you.  It’s a time of coming within, learning how to honor the sacred rhythms of the seasons as they manifest within you and without.  

You establish a rhythm of living in a sacred manner.

As you travel into the shadow world you'll be skillfully guided through three specific realms within you;  Your cavern of fear & security, the cavern of anger & ambition, and the cavern of grief & love.

Ayurveda shares every experience, thought or emotion we don't fully process gets stored into the connective tissues of our body, form neural-networks within our brain and hence creates an invisible lens with how we perceive and interact with the people and world around us.  If we do not process and cleanse, then these lock us in limiting patterns affecting every area of our life.  In other words, our consciousness becomes tainted by our shadow self and binds us.


In this six week cleanse you journey with others souls into the shadows, release what no longer serves you while aligning with a sacred rhythm of living integrating daily health & spiritual rituals, meditations and mindsets that ground you in a deep sense of connection.

Here's what's included:

Equinox Gathering Ritual, Fire & Dance 

Sept 22nd


This is the initiation & Opening Ceremony.  In Shamanic traditions, the equinox is when the door between worlds is open and hence it's a time prayers are heard, a time to connect with the spirit world, ancestors and spirits.  It's a time to invite them to guide you, lead you and show you the way.


This is a powerful initiation to engage all your senses, engage your mind and body so it's aligned with the journey ahead.

Six 3 hour group gatherings


We travel together on this journey.  In these we weave together ritual, meditation, storytelling, drumming, lessons, and explore the inner journey related with each part of the cleanse.

Before each session I meet with each of you to perform a pulse, eye, and tongue assessment. Each of these reveal a map of your bodily systems and through them we can literally see and  track the movement of toxins through the body as you eliminate them. 

Seven 45 minute private sessions


This is a very personal journey and every person’s body responds uniquely to these cleansing & shamanic processes. 

I'll review how you're responding to the detox physically, adjust it according to how your body is responding and ensure you're getting the most from it.  You're in expert hands!

We also explore your inner journey and provide the safe and skilled guidance, asking the questions to lead you to your truth and messages being received from within & without.


You get seven private phone sessions.  six during the journey and one after to ensure you transition out of the cleanse smoothly.

Guided through a Six Week Ayurveda Cleanse


Ayurveda calls this Pancha Karma or 5 Actions.  Combined with the incites of the Himalayan Mountain Shaman, it shares how to lead one’s body, mind and internal awareness through a very deep journey of cleansing, rejuvenation and grounding.


The focus of this cleanse is to not only release toxins of the physical and subtle bodies but to align the body with its natural rhythms.  It's to rebalance the body and step in a routine of daily rituals for cleansing, connecting, and grounding in a powerful in-sync rhythm that feeds you.


In this you learn how to use specific herbs for culinary 


Specific Breath Techniques


Each part of the cleanse addresses a specific area of the body which in turn connects to specific subtle bodies and emotions.  You’ll learn a specific meditation/breath technique that’ll allow you to explore, cleanse, and empower each area.  

We journey through the shadows to discover our light

and the only way

is through!

Also included:


  • All food for cleanse

  • Spices for cooking

  • Sacred Ghee from India that’s been blessed

  • Everything needed for daily cleansing rituals

  • Detoxing and rejuvenating herbs

  • Very special yummy restorative herbal decoction 

  • A powerful and delicious elixir 

In addition, you'll learn:


  • Learn the medicinal, culinary and spiritual qualities of 10 spices & herbs

  • 4 simple health rituals to nourish your sense of connection, balance your body, maintain "quality" energy level, & heighten awareness

  • Learn how to make a special DELICIOUS stew

  • Ayurvedic cooking techniques

  • Ayurveda principles so you may consistently make informed decisions and know what to do and when to do it regarding food and maintaining balance and connection

  • 3 shamanic breath techniques

You most likely won't find this depth of a cleanse elsewhere that brings together the body, the inner psyche and spiritual depths, and the skills you learn integrated into a shamanic journey


Opening Initiation & Ritual is September 22nd (Equinox)

Group Sessions:

9am to Noon

Week One:          Sept  24th

Week Two:          Oct   1st

Week Three:       Oct   8th

Week Four:         Oct  15th

Week Five           Oct   22nd

Week Six             Oct   29th

Cost:  $1200

Payment Plan Available

$400/mont X 3

Single Payment discount of $150


This  Event is Full but two spaces remain for private journey

This journey requires an initial consultation to assess your physical & mental health, your personal intentions and go over details of the cleanse


Lake Tapps, WA


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