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The Three Day "Mostly" Silent Meditation Retreat

Nature is our greatest temple.  Be still with her and she'll lead you, guide you and show you the way!  Join us amongst the Eastern Cascade Mountains! 

Learn how to lovingly lead the mind into deep states of meditation, expand through the subtle bodies, and ground in an expanded state of consciousness

Join us for a magical three days amongst the Eastern Cascade Mountains bathed in the warm sun and serenaded by the cool clear waters of Iccicle creek just outside of Leavenworth WA


In this retreat you learn the powerful meditation techniques taught to me by Himalayan Masters who were said to be over 140 years old yet were stronger and more youthful than I!


These Masters live amongst the Himalayas in only a loin cloth and a dhoti (cloth wrapped around them) throughout the seasons.  They’ve mastered their autonomic nervous system and are able to regulate their body temperatures even amongst freezing temperatures.

Regardless of your meditation experience, you'll be able to experience deep states of meditation.

"Before this retreat, I couldn't meditate more than 10 minutes.  It's was agony!  I'm amazed we meditated for over 2 hours and it only felt like 15 enjoyable minutes went by!"  ~Gretchen 


These techniques not only help you experience deep states, they enable you to expand your consciousness, regenerate you cellular body, and ground you in a heightened awareness.

They enable you to break from from the general social hypnosis and ground in a more awake and connected awareness.  

"It's like waking up from a dream and now having woken, you become aware you were unknowingly asleep.  All this time I was sleep walking and didn't know it.  Now everyday I feel more connected, more awake, more alive!"

Unlike other meditation practices that may take you to the moon and leave you ungrounded, these techniques allow you to ground, to be present and focused.  They also also help you to not take on other people's energies or be the adverse affect of other influences.  You gain the ability to hold space and be the influencer of your body, mind, and situation.

Join us for three days outside amongst the Central Cascade Mountains of WA.  We meditate outside, sleep beneath the stars, share stories around the fire, learn rituals, and experience the profound depths of meditation as you learn how to lovingly lead your mind

What You Learn

  • Rituals 

    • Agni Hotra (Fire Ritual)​

    • Medicine Wheel Ritual

    • Simple Daily Ritual

  • The step-by-step formula to lead your mind into different states of meditation 

  • Experience & identify 5 primary states of mind

  • Sushumna Breath & how to activate it

  • Expanded "Being" Technique

  • Cellular Regeneration Breath

  • Amplified Mindfulness Techniques

  • How to "activate" your breath so you naturally enter these deep states of meditation

Most approach Meditation like it's a light switch you can turn on and off at will.  Others become dependent on being guided by someone else or a recording.  Meditation is a means of lovingly leading your mind.  The retreat is setup to guide you one step at a time so you not only experience these deep states of meditation, you also know how to do it yourself and can continue your practice on your own.

Past students have shared how easy it was for them to continue the practice and make it a daily experience.

In addition to Meditation, you learn simple rituals you can perform daily amongst other techniques to maintain a grounded and clear state of mind & heart.

You can see how sitting with this kind of view enhances the meditation experience

Why the "Mostly" Silent Retreat?

We call this the "Mostly" Silent Retreat.  Speaking and the busyness of our minds are linked.  When we begin to speak less our mind chatter also lessens.  When you speak only when necessary, you let go of useless words and thoughts.  This empowers your mind to focus only on those you want to give power too.  This is an essential step in experiencing deep meditation.  It also increases your sense of mindfulness and your ability to intentfully influence your life.  You respond more and react less.

This retreat takes places up the Iccicle just outside of the quaint town of Leavenworth.

We will camp at serene spot beside the river.  Mornings and evenings we have a campfire.  He we learn the theory behind what we're doing via storytelling, dialogue, and demonstrations.  

We then use nature as a vehicle to connect us deeper within ourselves, access these other states, and provide the atmosphere to experience deep states of meditation

You're provided time during the day to be alone, to process, and explore nature on your own and jump into the cool refreshing river pools.  We do two meditation sessions each day.  One in morning and one in late afternoon.

During the day we connect within the shady ponderosa trees beside the river learning together.

The Where & Flow


Dates: July 28th - 30th​  

(feel free to come early or stay later)

Cost:  $297


  • Campsite for 3 days

  • Delicious Sacredly Prepared Food Thursday - Sunday

  • Training, Instruction, Storytelling

  • Lots of Magical experiences!

What to Bring:

  • Sleeping bag & tent

  • Any specialty beverages you want (Non-Alcoholic)

  • Nalgene or other container to drink water from

  • Sun Screen

  • Swimwear

  • Light-Warm sweater for evening/mornings

  • Yoga mat

Relaxing & Contemplating by Alpine Lake

Walking Meditation amongst Labyrinth

Student relaxing in a hammock

beside the river


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