Scout Club

This class is for those who want to learn the Ancestral Perspectives and core nature skills to be in the forest in a more meaningful and skilled way.

You will learn core Nature Awareness Skills such as reading animal signs and interpreting the story they reveal. Understanding basic bird language and what the birds are saying is happening in the forest all around you.  You’ll learn the mindsets, understandings and basic practices that’ll include you in whatever nature community (trees, plants, animals, weather patterns) you find yourself.  It’s said the forest is always communicating and here you learn how to be part of the conversation. (All Levels Are Welcome)

You’ll gain a heightened awareness of the forest and animals.  We share practices to heighten your senses and reveal what to be aware of with smell, sight, hearing and feeling.


Nature is our classroom and teacher and each outing offers unique lessons as Nature is always shifting and changing and so new lessons are always being presented to us. Here you learn in a more traditional manner.  Read below to learn more.


This class weaves together nature and shamanic skills

Nature skills we may explore are: 

  • Reading animal signs, tracks and the stories they reveal 

  • Bird language and how the birds reveal what’s happening all around us, what other animals may be near, and how to be part of the conversation

  • Plant & Tree identification and possible medicine uses

We journey on and off trail where permitted to follow the animal paths and read the signs laid out to a trained eye and a listening ear.  You’ll gain new abilities of what to listen and look for so you can be part of the conversation happening all around us.  From this you’ll experience a deeper sense of belonging and connection with the forest and its “people.” 

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Classes take place in both Washington and Oregon.  See below for location and dates

Shamanic Learnings & Experiences:

  • The Forest Greeting Ritual

  • HomaTherapy (Healing Fire Ritual)

  • Great Hoop Cycle & Medicine Wheel Wisdom

  • How to be in “relationship” with the forest and animals

  • “Experience” a deeper connection with the web of life

  • Ancestral Perspectives of honoring how the patterns of nature are also patterned within us


About The Class Flow & What To Expect


We meet at a main location in the park.  We begin with the fire ritual (where parks allow) and then journey together into the park and invite in the trees and animals to be our guide and teachers.

These classes are offered in a more traditional manner where we weave a rich tapestry of experiential learning through storytelling, sensory based games, core skills and soulful dialogue.  The shamanic and nature based spiritual wisdom is woven within our experiences so instead of being taught “information,” you have a sense of a guided remembering.


The original understanding is that all we seek is already within us and we have but to journey in the right manner so we may remember. When we do, laughter and giggles often spontaneously erupt from us. The magic is real!

Hence, we do not teach beliefs, practices or ceremonies of other cultures.  Nature based spirituality and practices are inherent within everyone one of us. We are all part of nature and when we become still… we remember.



  • 4 HOURS

  • 2pm to 6pm (during summer)

  • Investment: $48

  • Limited to 10 participants (First reserve, first serve basis)


Tacoma/Seattle Area

Point Defiance Park

Dates: TBA

Portland/Vancouer Area

Welches Salmon River

Dates: TBA

How To Join:

These classes are offered by an invite only.  Please use the form to share why this class resonates and what you hope to get from it.  Introduce yourself.  We'll then schedule a FREE 10 - 15 minute interview so we may connection, share further details, and answer any questions you many have.   If it feels like a good fit, you'll receive an invite to join. 

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This class is a prerequisite for our Shamanic Wilderness Scout Classes