Spirit Woman

Stirring The Goddess Within

A special Four Part Series for Women 

Within each of us, there’s a source from which our voice, our strength, and our intuition flows.  It is from this source we receive our distinctly unique vision and expression


This source is the Goddess within.  Can you feel she’s ready to come out of the shadows and provide the strength, the depth, the joy, the clarity and focused action you seek? 

We invite you to embark upon a remarkable journey, to a gathering with the purpose of embodying the Goddess within-- She who has been keeping safe your unique song, your soul expression and your sacred feminine power.

This is a four part journey.  At each Sacred Gathering you will:

  • Find a new strength and confidence, 

  • Gain a new comfort and ease with being in your body

  • Discover the truths of your story so it empowers you

  • Learn how to honor your voice

  • Stand by your heart and it's wisdom

In these highly experiential classes you will have opportunities to gain access to her, and discover how to cultivate this relationship with her--your most valuable and reliable resource from whom you may consistently draw your strength, tap into your innate feminine intuition, honor your voice and celebrate your unique expression of Spirit expressing through you as YOU.

The Four Part Series Includes:

Part One: Stirring The Goddess Within

You’ll learn how to step into the Goddess Self and gain access to all the wisdom, strength, and intuition already present within but currently inactive.

You’ll receive a special initiation activating the Goddess Self and learn how to nourish this relationship with her so she’s your most valuable and reliable resource you have.

Part Two: Goddess As Your Body

In this class you gain a greater comfort and ease with being in your body. You’ll learn a special cellular regeneration technique to breathe new life, youth, and health into every cell of your body. We'll dance, we'll laugh, we'll love our bodies, and walk away feeling the magic and beauty of our bodies... owning them with pride for the magical forms they are. We'll learn how to throw off social conditioning and beliefs we've adopted about our body and how to begin to connect with them in alignment with our truth.

Part Three: Empowering Your Voice & Improving Relationships

Here you'll discover new strength and clarity in your voice. How to honor your values, your expresion, your intelligence, and your perspective despite other poeple's opinions. You'll learn how to respond to criticism in a mutually beneficial manner and communicate with confidence. You'll learn how to have greater influcne through your voice with yourself and with others.

Part Four: Discover your REAL story

We each have a story we tell ourselves every single day. This story shapes our relationships, our body and health, and our journey through life. For most of us however, the story we tell ourselves isn't a real story. It's a story of how we "should" be further along than where we are, of how we're not enough, of what we can't do, of how we're not pretty or not capable. We use story to imprision us. In this class you identify the story you're currently telling yourself and discover how to align with your truth, the story that amplifies your strength, your sense of connection, your voice, and the beautiful expression of you!

About The Gatherings & Teaching Methods

These magical gatherings utilize universal shamanic methods:  storytelling, movement, humor, song, deep silence, nature, the elements, and ceremony.  Through these, we lovingly stir our remembrances of the wisdom already within us so we can use this knowing in our everyday living and offer our gifts to the world in a meaningful way

Sacred teachings the world over share this timeless knowing:  


"There is nothing to attain for the Self is already attained"

All the wisdom, skills, strength, and power already rest within you.  Through these four-part gatherings you learn how to draw them out, gain access to them on demand and live with a greater sense of rhythm and strength and with an undeniable connection to the Goddess within yourself and all other beings.

Dates & Locations


Ida Campground, Leavenworth WA.

Mondays 6-9pm

Part One:      Sept 11th

Part Two:     Sept 18th

Part Three:   Sept 25th

Four Four:    Oct 2nd



Lake Tapps, WA  

Enrollment is completed: Full

Sundays 9am to Noon

Part One:     Sept 17th

Part Two:     Sept 24th

Part Three:   Oct 1st

Four Four:    Oct 8th






12 Hours of instruction


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