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Shamanic Woman 

An introductory shamanic journey for women

This is a four-part series of gathering together around a fire outside amongst the elements.  Using shamanic methods, we journey through four aspects of our inner selves: 

The Goddess Within, Our Voice, Our Body, and Our Story.

Within each of us, there’s a source from which our voice, our strength, and our intuition flows.  It is from this source we receive our distinctly unique vision and expression.  This source is the Goddess within.

However, overtime we accumulate energies, experiences and mind stuff that mutes our inner connection.  Shamanic traditions around the world honor the Autumn season as a journey into darkness. Like the season pulls nature within itself it likewise pulls us and offers an opportunity to venture within ourselves.  It's a time of releasing what no longer serves you and realigning with your strength and sense of Self.  


During this introductory shamanic journey you'll do just that and you'll draw forth your innate feminine wisdom and cultivate your relationship with the Goddess within.

Each week we journey together and from each gathering you will:

  • Find a new strength and confidence, 

  • Gain a new comfort and ease with being in your body

  • Discover the truths of your story so it empowers you

  • Learn how to honor your voice

  • Stand by your heart and it's wisdom

During this introductory four part series you’ll journey together with other women using universal shamanic methods of movement, storytelling, breath, humor, drumming, and ritual.  

We gather around a fire outside amongst the elements and draw upon the cycle of nature to amplify our journey... to guide us, lead us and show us the way!


Each session interweaves the above four aspects as we explore and learn the techniques to release and align with our inner strength and knowing.  It’s learning the skills to remain grounded amongst the shifting seasons as they express through us.

In these highly experiential classes you will have opportunities to gain access to the Goddess within, and discover how to cultivate this relationship with her--your most valuable and reliable resource from whom you may consistently draw your strength, tap into your innate feminine intuition, honor your voice and celebrate your unique expression of Spirit expressing through you as YOU.

Sacred teachings the world over share this timeless knowing:  


"There is nothing to attain for the Self is already attained"

All the wisdom, skills, strength, and power already rest within you.  Through these four-part gatherings you learn how to draw them out, gain access to them on demand and live with a greater sense of rhythm and strength and with an undeniable connection to the Goddess within yourself and all other beings.

Join us for this introductory Shamanic Journey for women

Dates & Locations


Ida Campground, Leavenworth WA.

Sundays 6-8pm

Part One:      Sept  17th

Part Two:     Sept   24th

Part Three:   Oct    1st

Four Four:    Oct    8th


Tolt Campground, Carnation WA

Tuesdays 6:30 to 8:30

Part One:     Sept 19th

Part Two:     Sept 26th

Part Three:   Oct 10th

Four Four:    Oct 17h

Investment: $150/participant

Click Here to Learn About Your Host: Chivito Cowa

We Offer Full Refund up to 3 days before event.  

No refund available within 3 days of event.

Shamanic Woman 

An introductory shamanic journey for women

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