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How To Live While Aware You're in a Hologram

  • Does life seem un-real to you? 

  • Do you have a heightened awareness life is a hologram? 

  • Do you struggle maintaining balance or purpose?

  • Do you struggle not seeing your values  or awareness mirrored in the world?  

  • Do you want to learn how to live with this awareness while performing your everyday duties of sustaining and living?

Here’s the thing… you’re in a special awareness and if you learn how to harness it you can transcend your sense of aloneness and tap into a greater potential of living.


Many feel they are awake while others are stuck in a dream. You walk around amongst it but no one knows and even when you try to shake them and say “Hey! You’re Dreaming!” they don't wake up.  It can feel really lonely, disorienting, and even depressing.

If you resonate with any of this, then you want to join us around the virtual campfire as we explore what it means to be awake amongst the hologram and/or a world that doesn't mirror your values and concerns. You'll discover the advantages, techniques, and understandings this uniquely provides you and discover what you can do to feel aligned and have an impact. 

Please Note:  What you learn here is a discipline.  It’s a way of perceiving, a way of interacting with your mind and engaging with others, life duties, and the world.  From these virtual campfire gatherings you'll discover how to live within the hologram with greater purpose.  You’ll be able to remain grounded, centered, and able to live amongst the world.


  • Learn how not to take on other people's stuff (energy, problems, emotions, etc)

  • Techniques to re-ground yourself when you feel you're losing reality

  • Techniques to remain grounded and a deep sense of connection

  • Techniques to bridge the gap of feeling a sense of separation and aloneness and instead remain grounded in the awareness of where and how you fit in the world, the hologram and life

  • Techniques of transcending the hologram and entering a more expanded & beautiful paradigm

This Series is Currently Full and will offer again soon

Join us Tuesday Evenings at 6pm PST around the Virtual Campfire

Can't make a date or time? No worries, we'll include a recording and transcript of the gathering so you can explore on your own.  Plus, you're 100% supported throughout the series.  Got questions, incites, or experiences you want to share/discus?  Just email us!  

For 60-90 minutes, we'll explore how to live in greater balance and remain grounded within a heightened level of awareness.


We'll Explore 

  • Practical methods and technique to apply each week

  • The wisdom and teachings of the great shaman and teachers about this subject

  • Journey together through myths and stories

  • Be in council... share your story/experiences and experience the art of coyote mentoring

In these calls we’ll: 

  • Experience inspiring stories and weekly practices

  • Share your stories and integrate your experiences with other inspired learners

  • Experience mentoring through the Art of Questioning

  • Discover practical ways and understanding to live more connected and in a sacred manner

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