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This initiation and training is also something more which is very important.  It's coming to know the shadow side, the predator self, the prey self, and the Elder Self.  Many tribes would send their youth out to experience this initiation in the wilds and wouldn't allow them to return as a member of the tribe until they completed this process.  They would come into direct contact with each of these aspects, be forced to confront and align them within their heart and mind. It was believed a man or woman without fully embracing all "selves" as One would become dis-eased and weaken the tribe.  As a shaman, healer or leader it's a must!

In this training you won't be plunged into the wilderness but you will have a chance to come into contact with them, learn how they express themselves in you specifically and how to channel them to your benefit rather than have them rule you like most people are.

You can see how powerful and essential this initiation is to the sincere student.

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