Virtual Fire Gathering

A rare opportunity to learn the ancestral perspectives of our earth based ancestors

There are few opportunities for most to learn the ancestral perspectives and original understandings with how to belong to nature and be part of the web of life. 

Many are unable to venture into the forest or have access to those elders who've long walked the path and been steeped in the wisdom they speak.  Few have access to mentors who are able to lovingly guide them to their own answers and come into their own understanding of how they fit in to the great mystery.

We're providing the Virtual Fire Gathering to provide everyone an opportunity to gain access, learn, and be part of sacred community.  To hear from Elders, be mentored, and experience the traditional storytelling that awakens the "remembrances" of the original understandings as our earth based ancestors once lived.


Learn the ways of connecting with nature, understanding your spiritual path through ancestral eyes, and “remembering” how to deliberately walk in the world where you’re honoring the unique “medicine/gifts” you carry and how to carry it in a sacred way.


Discover how the principles, patterns and cycles of nature are being expressed through you and how to live more aligned.  Explore the ancestral perspectives of being in the world.

Twice a month, join Chivito Cowa around the virtual campfire where through the traditional means of storytelling, dialogue/Q&A, art of mentoring and practical direction ,we weave together a tapestry of "remembering" the original understandings.

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These Virtual Campfires are an opportunity to have a consistent experience of reconnecting with the ancestral energy of the wisdom inherently within each of us.  It’s an entrance into the mindsets, understandings, and practices of the esteemed ancestors, sages, and masters who embody the wisdom we long to rest within as the norm.

It is an opportunity to connect with sacred community, continue to learn and have a continuity of tapping into the “rememberings” of the original understandings. 

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How It Flows:

Twice a month we gather via conference call.  You can either call in from where you are or click the link to join the conversation.  Each gathering includes a core principles from Forest Shamanism, Ayurveda, Ancestral Perspectives and the learnings from the esteemed teachers who Chivito lived and trained with for many years in India, Thailand, and of Elders of the PNW and SW U.S.

You're invited to participate in the dialogue, ask questions and experience the art of mentoring first hand or simply listen in.

You’ll receive:

  • Join us live twice a phone via phone conference or web link

  • A recording of the live session

  • An Ebook of the core content, stories, and dialogue 

  • Step-by-Step instructions and practical exercises with how to apply the lessons

  • Mentoring… Experience the art of mentoring on the call or email us with questions and experiences. We’ll provide the guidance to deeper understanding, healing, and growth



  • Two Virtual Campfires a month about 90 minutes

  • Monday Evenings 6pm to 8:30pm

We'll be resuming the Virtual Campfire in September.  If you'd like to join us, be sure to fill out the form, lets us know why it resonates, and we'll send you registration info. 

Feel free to ask us any questions in the meantime.  OM!

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