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Vision Quest

A Vision Quest is one of the most common cross cultural traditions found around the world.  It is a journey that requires inner preparation and guides you into the depths of soul.  Once properly prepared physically, spiritually, and mentally, you journey into the wilderness where you stay in a circle for three days alone.  You learn how to prepare this circle in a specific way so it becomes activated.  It is said that this Circle is where the gods come and go and guide you into vision and understanding of Self and your part in the Great Web of life.

We offer multiple levels of a Vision Quest and your journey is tailored specifically to you.

How To Join Us:

If this calls to you… email us at and share why this resonates, why you’re ready and committed and what you hope to get from this.  


We’ll then schedule a free 30 minute phone interview to connect, share further details and answer any questions you have.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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