Massage & Healer Partners

We're looking for established Massage Therapists and Natural Healers in Seattle-Tacoma area who want to be part of  our Village Healer's Referral Network. 


We are Tree Of Totems.  We provide Ayurveda, Shamanism and Nature Skills to support youth and adults.  We provide experienced base classes and mentoring.

Perhaps you too have already recognized how as healers and guides we can't provide everything and be the Be-All for our clients but we can be part of a person's Healing Team.  Imagine being part of an amazing collaboration of master craftsmen supporting each other and those we serve.

We're looking for a variety of healing modalities to refer our student and client base to so they have an incredible team of craftsmen to support them on their journey.

Be part of our referral network and receive referrals, cash rewards, and more.

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Present Referral Opportunities

Massage Therapists for upcoming Ayurveda Cleanses

Starting January, we'll be hosting three group cleanses and guiding many 30 day private cleanses.

We're looking for Massage Therapist who we may refer clients to for massages during and after the cleanse.

We're also looking for referrals for new detox clients.

Imagine being able to offer your clients additional healing packages.  Imagine being paid for every referral you provide plus possibly securing massage packages from your referral.  Imagine getting new clients from referred from us.

Cooking Class

Join Our Village Base Referral Network

If you're curious to learn more Email Us At


In your email share

  • What your modality and focus is 

  • How long you've practicing 

  • Where your serving your clients from presently 

  • How you wish to grow as a healer

If you seem like a great fit, we'll schedule an interview, share details, and get started on referring and being part of the Healing Team for our clients. 

 We're scheduling interviews this week only

Dec 7th through 15th.

Thank you!

It Takes A Village