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Receiving The Mysteries of Autumn

A Shamanic Poetic Path

Join us in the Oral Tradition evoking ancestral speech revealing
the hidden mysteries in the Autumn Time

Autumn is inviting us into her hut… She offers us a ritualized beauty of letting go and returning into the womb of everything.

Join me for three Sundays as we gather around the virtual fireside and lean into the stories, inspired poems, and soulful dialogue evoking the hidden mysteries Autumn offers us in this in-between time… the final feast of beauty making before we enter the dark of Old Winter’s Hut.

It’s shared in the twilight of dusk an opening occurs where the voices and songs of the other worlds can pass through and where our own prayers may be received.  Autumn is the dusk-twilight of the year that thins the veils between worlds and reveals the mysteries, healing, and harvest ready for us.

Through these three Sundays, we evoke the speech that draws out the mysteries, beauty, and endangered wisdom threaded in the fabric of Autumn ever inviting us inward for those who attune themselves to the language of Dusk.


Sundays at 6pm PST


Oct 16, 23, & 30


We circle around the virtual fireside (zoom)


We lean into the myth-stories, poems and earth speech that evokes the hidden mysteries and teachings of Autumn.

We share in soulful dialogue, leaning into each other’s reflections and gifts received in the  evocations.


You’re offered clues to reflect on in-between our virtual fire gatherings to invite in the mysteries of autumn with where you are and the gifts she’s ready to offer you.

$60 Investment

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