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Our Code and Principles of Community

Tree of Totems is part of a collective we call Tribe of Ravens.  We're families, individuals, teachers, humble students, craftsmen who strive to live as a village while honoring the uniqueness of our separate lives.  In this we support one another living connected to nature and Spirit and the values we wish to exemplify in our lives.

Below is our code and guiding principles.  These are values we nourish within and strive to grow into honoring we are yet students humbly stumbling along as we honor the path as it reveals itself moment by moment.


Honor and Learn From Our Elders

Gather Around Fire

Everyone & Thing is Our Teacher

Inspire & Guide Our Young

Live Aligned with Nature

Slow, Deliberate, & in Relation not fast & individualistic  

Craft, Not Business

Provide Opportunities for those Sincere & Committed


Be Curious

Inspire Wonder

Nourish & Celebrate Diversity


Be Disciplined

Focus on Inner Growth & Personal Evolution

Excel and Stay Humble

Learn Through Experience

Guide Others To Their Answers, Not Tell Them The Answers

Relational Education Not Systemic Education

Honor Culture & Ancestry

Live By Example

Honor Core Values 

Value, Not Price

Quality, Not Quantity

Connect With Your Food, Not Consume

Use What You Have

Do What You Can

Not Knowledge You Learn, But Wisdom You Become

Honor The Seasons

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