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Womb Stories

The Women are gathering and it's time we do so

Many are now beginning to remember... that the womb within every woman holds stories, ancestral rememberings, and endangered knowledge.  These have been passed down the ancestral line... woven within the sacred fabric of our wombs... part of our bone memory.


Somewhere along the line it was no longer safe to embody the “medicine” and gifts of being of the Moon Goddess... a voice for Mother Gaia and the mysteries of the Divine Feminine.

What we’re doing here is breaking enchantments. We’re weaving back the memories of being water carriers and what this means. 


Remembering and birthing, healing and nurturing the hidden divine feminine so we may fall in love with her all over again. To give her voice and reclaim the endangered knowledge woven in our wombs.

Here we gather with women from many lands, ages, and ethnicities around the “Virtual” Fire (zoom) where through the ancestral ways of storytelling, dialogue, ritual and beauty making we partake in ancestral healing, restoring the stories and remembrances held within us, and together breaking the chains that have long bound the women who came before us...


Instead of passing to our daughters the chains that have bound us we give them the medicine stories empowering them to live in their true inheritance.

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Join us

6:00 to 7:30 pm PST
Typically the 3rd Friday of the Month

Free for all women to join

Read Bio's of facilitators below

Rising Waters


See you carry songs


were once sung,

now unsung.


Holding the memory

of it all


every drop


But careful!

For the memory

cannot yet

be easily



For the power it holds

will unleash



For it will


all that is



So the water rises,

a drop at a time

making its story



Till it’s received

and sung

in its

own tone


And so the cycle repeats,

slowly rising the waters


As we each find

our own

unsung song


As we each

remember the waters




Your Facilitators

I’m deeply honored to introduce your facilitators. These three courageous woman have dedicated these past years training, healing, being part of many sacred circles, reclaiming their stories, restoring the sacredness of grief tending, and through rites of passage navigated their shadows… Ancestral healing, soul retrieval, embodying the medicine inside them so they may help others.


Click Here to learn how we raising the standards

You are in good hands. 

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Delia Anne

Alberta, Canada

Mother of two daughter


I spent three decades searching for where I belong and to learn something that would give me purpose and meaning in the world. What I discovered though, is that I was longing to reconnect with the Earth and the stories hidden in my bones. I was thirsty for the deep richness of living a more mythic life and sensing into all that was around me in nature. 


As this journey deepened, I remembered -- I belong everywhere and I exist. This is my purpose. It is my absolute honor to serve in this community the wisdom and experiences I have nourished so that it may nourish the remembering and connection within you also. 

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Keerat Kaur Verma

Kolkata, India

Now Lake Sammamish, WA

Mother of son and daughter


Growing up in Kolkata, India, a land where Goddess Durga, Kali and Saraswati celebrated, worshipped and revered, I was nourished with stories, folklore, tales of “ma” (mother).  Feeling into their love, power, devotion, destruction, wisdom, I started to see myself in them and became eery comfortable and respectful of my femininity. 


Coupled with the stories of how “Gurus” that laid down the foundation of Sikhism had given a highest platform to women and in the scripts have mentioned how women are to be respected and revered, I started feeling and seeing the goddess in every woman. 


This beautiful image took a hard hit with the reality of duality which had taken such deep roots into our society.  Where women are worshipped on one hand in form of ideals and battered on the other so they may never find their voice. 


This flamed the low burning fire in me.  My experiences in life then lead me on this path to find my own voice, to my own lost power, to rest comfortably in my own femininity.  This is what I want to share and extend out to those who are on this search.

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Brandi Hogan 

From Utah

Mother of a daughter


I spent so much of my life resisting and even fighting my feminine essence, fighting my moon cycle, fighting the things that make me a woman. This created so much chaos and turmoil in my life. My body finally forced me to come back into harmony. As I went through this intense process, I was able to heal so much of my personal womb trauma. This opened up to healing generational wounds as well. I now want to assist others on this journey. I did much of this on my own, and it doesn't have to be this way for everyone. We can come together and support each other. Together is a great place to be. 

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