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The Nature of You

There's an original knowledge of HOW we are all an extension of nature. 

In this mentorship, you learn your Ayurveda Body Type and the hidden layers within it that empower you to live in flow and connection.


You're invited to adopt a humble heart and come close-in to apprentice yourself to how nature is expressing Herself in you specifically.  


Become a student of the Nature of you and restore a way of living in deeper relationship.  Harness your innate potentials. 

We weave together the oldest, most advanced natural medicinal science in the world called Ayurveda and Earth Based mores & psychology universally expressed in those who live aligned with Nature, from the Indigenous to the Taoist, to The Shinto, to old pre-christian Europe.

This is for individuals or couples wanting to be in deeper relationship with themselves and each other


It offers a simple frame of understanding and a language that gives a greater relatedness and grace with yourself and others.

Us humans are the only species on Earth that lives as if we’re separate from nature.  


We’re the only species that lives out of relationship with ourselves and fight against the underlying influences of nature stewarding life.

And so most humans feel at odds with themselves and orphaned from our greater belonging.

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“Ayur” translates as life and “Veda” as Earth Knowledge or Earth Science.  It’s the knowledge of how we’re of the Earth… of nature.


Ayurveda holds the advanced ancestral knowledge of how the specific governing principles in nature also govern us physically, emotionally and mentally

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It reveals how to be indigenous of yourself... a simple intuitive way of living in relationship with the nature of you.

Ayurveda gifts you with your unique Earth Cosmology so you know your unique body-mind constitution.


Instead of fighting nature, you're empowered to harness your innate potential mentally, energetically, and spiritually every single day.

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Indigenous = “Of or naturally belonging to a particular place”


What if you became indigenous to yourself, to your own body and personal psychology (mind), and way nature is uniquely manifesting you.


What if you knew the nature of you in relation to the influences and forms of nature happening around you?

There’s a profound sense of coming home when you do. A profound healing is experienced when you give yourself permission to comfortably rest in who and how you are with the knowledge of why you are as you are.

We weave together Ayurveda and Indigenous psychology that empowers you to live as an extension of nature and experience what the Dine' call Hozho "To walk in beauty."

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We begin with a four-hour introduction.  We gather around the fire. There's storytelling and ritual.  We draw from nature so you have a felt experience of what we speak into.  From this you gain a felt remembrances that becomes part of you instead of merely information to memorize. 

Then we have four 90min-120min sessions where we lean in and tailor the path to you specifically.



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This is a personal mentorship that is tailored to you specifically. It is also a powerful gift for couples.

The first session is 4hours as we're laying down foundational understandings and ways of reframing how you perceive your body, psychology, and the world around you. 

Each sessions shares new knowledge and psychology along with guides you so you have a felt experience of what we're speaking into.  Instead of learning "information" people express a sense of "remembering" and restoring a deeper knowledge inside them.

You're offered simple, intuitive, and practical actions you can do.  This isn't a health routine or discipline.  Rather, it offers you an intuitive way of knowing what to do and when to do it whether it's with food, how you feel mentally-emotionally, or with helping friends, partners or children.  You become informed and hence shift from life happening to knowing how to influence and harness nature to experience more of what you want or to help other people.

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