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Navigating The Dark Descent

Every one of us revolves through a cycle of expanding and contracting.  Our times of contraction are known as our Dark Descents…


These are times when we enter uncertainty, are forced to navigate uncomfortable terrain within and without, and come into contact with adversaries and allies as you journey through the struggle.

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These times were once respected and honored as life’s way of initiating you into hidden strengths, gifts and understandings.

There is a map to the descent and knowledge of what to expect and how to navigate the territory.

This Session provides you a guide who knows the map and offers ancestral tools, traditions and ways to not only navigate your descent but discover the hidden gifts and mature into them as you ascend out of the shadows and bloom into a new layer of life.

Aspects of Shadow Work May Include:

  • Healing your past 

  • Rediscover Your North

  • Unravel and release limiting beliefs and holding patterns

  • Gain renewed direction, clarity, and a map of the territory you're navigating

  • Release from all the stories that are not your own and become anchored in the one story that is yours alone

  • Discover the hidden invitations and questions that are stalking you

  • Gain a mythic lens that gifts you the deeper meaning and symbology in your experience

  • A mentor who's an anchor, ally, and resource who has an intimate knowledge of guiding you through

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Sessions are $126

Can be by Phone or in person at the Tortoise Temple

6928 SE 122nd Dr Portland OR 97236

You can schedule your first session below.

If you have questions, you can schedule a free 30 minute consultation to connect in, introduce yourself and ask any questions you may have.

OR, use the form below to contact us with your questions.


Shadow Work Session

Schedule for in-person here at the Tortoise Temple or for a phone or Zoom session. 

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Free 30 min Conversation

Schedule a free 30 minute conversation with Chivito.  Ask questions, learn more, explore how to apply these traditions for you specifically

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