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Navigating The Dark Descent

Every one of us revolves through a cycle of expanding and contracting.  Our times of contraction are known as our Dark Descents… These are times we enter uncertainty, are forced to navigate uncomfortable terrain within and without, come into contact with adversaries and allies as you journey through the struggle.

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These times were once respected and honored as life’s way of initiating you into hidden strengths, gifts and understandings.

There is a map to the descent and knowledge of what to expect and how to navigate the territory.

This mentorship provides you a guide who knows the map and offers ancestral tools, traditions and ways to not only navigate your descent but discover the hidden gifts and mature into them as you ascend out of the shadows and bloom into a new layer of life.

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Cost varies.  We're here to support you. Each person's journey and needs are unique.  Shadow Work isn't something that necessarily fits into a schedule or can be organized into a program. 


There's an organic process and we move to support you in a way that honors your journey and own process.


We're shifting out of a transactional system and enter a gifting culture that nourishes relationship and exchange that feels good for all. 

We'll connect with what your needs are and what will feel good for all.  Gratitude. 

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