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Gifted Youth Mentoring

Many of our youth are coming into the world with heightened awareness, increased sensitivities, and more acute intuitive powers.  Many have heightened empathic abilities but don’t know how to discern other’s energies, thoughts, and emotions from their own.

For some it’s as if their senses are on high volume and everything is coming in at once.

Unfortunately we don’t have the intact village culture with the elders and shaman who are able to recognize them and help hone in their gifts so they can both manage them, so they may be in the world, as well as harness them to excel and flourish.

Youth have a greater and more intuitive sense of being in an intact world but due to the brokenness of our world and the broken systems that tend to bind and manipulate us, our youth struggle reconciling what they see and what their deeper sense of life and self tells them.  Trying to reconcile the stark contrast of these during their teenage years tends to break them down into depression, disassociation, and addictive behaviors.

This mentorship is to help our youth come into their own, hone in their heightened awareness and intuitive powers so they can not just manage but harness them to grow into their “medicine” and thrive.

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These are shared in more traditional ways with storytelling, nature connection, and reflective dialogue.  It’s creating a space for them to share and have an anchor with who they can share openly with as they navigate their most complexing time of life (teenage years).

The mentorship helps them cultivate their gifts, learn new tools and skills of being in the world, and discovering their true story of the gifts and power they have to contribute to our broken world.


How to begin:

We begin with an introduction. Email Chivito at  Introduce yourself and what here resonates in relation to you the youth or as a parent. 

Cost varies.  We're here to support you. Each person's journey and needs are unique.   


We're shifting out of a transactional system and enter a gifting culture that nourishes relationship and exchange that feels good for all. 

We'll connect with what your needs are and what will feel good for all.  Gratitude. 

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