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Empowerment Rites

There are many kinds of "Rites".  A “Rite” is a ritualistic process of releasing AND stepping into a new paradigm of self.


A “Ritual” is an action/process that engages your whole being within your intention and hence is experienced on the soul level.  In other words, they open a doorway to step through and into a new paradigm of self and the world.


The Empowerment Rites is hence a journey of releasing limiting patterns and embracing and embodying your aligned self through rituals and adopting the mindsets and practices to support it. 


It's a grounded commitment to "Self" that engages your whole being in the process.  It's a pathway of stepping through the looking glass into a more empowered and aligned self.


We gather around a fire brought to life by primitive methods.  There’s drumming, the giving of offerings and entering into deeper states of connection.  Through sacred storytelling, the Way of Council, and the art of mentoring along with practical applications and profound ritualistic experiences, we journey into soul, release the agreements binding us and establish new agreements that’ll empower us to make the shifts we’re ready to make.

We use Nature as our catalyst for remembering and shifting into the gifts we carry.


What you’re doing here is learning how to honor and become more grounded in the “Medicine” you carry.  


Your “medicine” is the unique gifts and expressions of soul you came into this world with.  The empowerment rites helps us get out of our own way, to connect with the Medicine we carry, and learn to live it in our everyday lives.



We meet twice a month, every other week.  We gather outside at a decided location. Each session is approximately 2-3 hours long.



This is an invite only offering

and offers this to only a few people at a time

How To Join Us:

If this calls to you… email us at and share why this resonates, why you’re ready and committed and what you hope to get from this.  


We’ll then schedule a free 30 minute phone interview to connect, share further details and answer any questions you have.  If it feels you’re the right fit, we’ll extend you an invitation.  

Thanks! Message sent.

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