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 Ayu-Mythic Psychology

When Rwanda experienced the mass genocide, a group of psychologist were brought in to help the people but the people eventually forced them to leave.  They said “They brought us into these dark and dingy rooms away from nature and asked us to talk about bad things that happened.  People got sick that way.  There was no dancing, or singing or beauty making… no way of lifting our grief and throwing it out… no sense of people taking the day off to be with them, no giving voice to how we were touched by life and those we had loved… So we made them go away.”

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In the Mayan culture, when one had grief about something they would openly sob and walk through the village in horrific moans.  When this happened the people would gather to listen to what that person had to say.  They would “hear” them.

Ayu-Mythic Psychology restores the humanity, nobility, and respect within the richly textured layers of life we ALL experience. 

No person will live without experiencing loss... no person will be without struggle or grief or carries some form of trauma.  Because we are human, we have limited knowledge, energy and resources and because the future is unknown, we will all be plagued with times of uncertainty, doubt and anxiety.  This is being human. 

When we lived in an intact culture we had mentors, elders, and rituals to help us navigate and gives us meaning to the ordeal of life.

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So What's Ayu-Mythic Psychology

Ayu-Mythic Psychology weaves together universal Indigenous approaches, Jungian Depth and Archetypal Psychology, and Ayurveda which is the oldest and most advanced Natural Health Science and Psychology from India.

Where Western Psychology focuses on talk therapy, giving labels of conditions and suppressing symptoms so you may get on with life, Ayu-Mythic Psychology offers a soul-centric approach that gives you back your power and invites you to do something radically different… something ancestral and indigenous… to lean into the experience, apprentice yourself to it and receive the soul gold within the struggles, grief, and uncertainties as you navigate the diverse inner terrains of life ever unfolding in front of you. 

Ayu-Mythic looks within the deeper reflections and draws out the mythic imagery, symbols and archetype at play and how they’re inviting you to experience a kind of inner shift in who you are and your relationship with the soul-path you’re on. 

This is a soul-centric approach that holds every experience as an embodied invitation to your unfolding soul story called your personal myth. 

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Ayu-Mythic restores the cultural ways of grief tending, transitioning into new stages of life whether it’s by divorce, loss of a loved one, new career or becoming an empty nester or what-have-you, and helps you enter a new relationship with Self and the story you’re in.

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