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Grief Tending

Restoring the ancestral cultural ways of addressing our grief

No human will complete their life without knowing loss

Because you have loved, you know loss


Because you have dreamed, you know failed expectations


Because you have cared deeply you know anger and rage


Because life can seem unfair, you know resentment

Ancestral intact societies knew the importance of grief tending and cultivated a culture that helped steward a person through their grief.  It's said,

Grief is a deep and often unseen force that flows beneath the surface of our conscious experience. Like a river, grief has its own currents and depths, and it can take us to places within ourselves that we may not have explored before.

In our grief tending sessions we draw from these time proven cultural practices, wisdom and inspired perspectives to steward you through your own process while revealing the hidden layers, healing, and meanings therein.

How To Begin

Our sessions are typically $144 per 60 - 90 minute session 

Partial Scholarships are available. Inquire below


Schedule a free consultation to first connect and we can go from there.


Email us to introduce yourself and ask any questions.

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Free 30 Min Consultation

Introduce yourself, ask questions and connect with Chivito directly

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Schedule Session

Schedule a Phone or In-Person Session

60 - 90 Minutes

Live sessions occur at the Tortoise Temple

6928 SE 122nd DR

Portland OR

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