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Death Lodge

Laying to rest your old skins
Growing raven feathers & soul speech

Amongst the old wisdom keepers it was said “A person is only as intact as their soul’s burial grounds.”  

It was once known, anticipated and prepared for even, that each person lives many lives in this one.  And so rituals and initiations were crafted with beauty and celebration to ferry a person from one stage of life to the next… from youth to adulthood… Times of war into times of peace… from seasons of struggle into seasons of flow…. All to help a soul become unencumbered by the previous and grow into the medicine and new life now afforded them.

But today, our culture is starved of these meaningful rituals that keep one’s soul intact and so we’ve become what the Indigenous call Soul-Loss. 

The Death Lodge is for people who are completing a significant stage in their life and emerging into a new paradigm of Self and the life yet ahead of them.  It’s for those who want to have a felt experience of making that shift.

We’ve all gone through huge changes, trials and growth over the past few years and there’s a sense of emerging into a New Now of Self, our Relationships, and our Life.

But before we can make the shift, we want to cut the threads and cleanse the residue of feelings, energies or stories so we may step forward unencumbered by them.

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The Death Lodge is an Old Tradition found in cultures worldwide.

What We Lean Into

It’s a laying to rest the energies, emotions, and stories we’ve been holding and contending with.

There’s an honoring of our grief...  an acknowledging of the scarred crusted layers yet healing inside us... of what they've unknowingly gifted us.

In the Lodge we experience forgiveness. Forgiving of others and being forgiven.

There’s a giving thanks to the experiences that have changed you and what has served you up until now.

And there's a profound experience of stepping out of an old skin and growing our hearts back anew. 

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Your Guides

New Dates TBA

Chivito Cowa

Chivito is a Wilderness Rites of Passage Guide, storyteller, and mentor. He's passionate about restoring the traditional ways of navigating our inner landscapes through ritual, circling with elders, and rites of passage.  He's been facilitating for 20 years.


Patrick Pinson

Patrick is a Mingo Elder and owns Cedar Mountain Drums in Portland. He's steeped in a life of depth and being of service, sharing teachings of the Medicine Drum and The Red Road. He's led Sweat Lodges and classes for years .

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Join us around the fire for three Saturdays.

First Saturday: Feb 18th 10am to 4pm

  • White Serpent initiation: Shedding Our Skin

  • Begin to making your Medicine rattle

Together we enter an old European story that holds alchemical potency and supports us in accessing beyond the invisible veils. 

  • What personal sovereignty have we unknowingly abandoned?

  • What walls have we erected that we're now ready to step beyond?

  • What innate powers and intuition inside you is inviting you to restore relationship with?

Part of the experience is growing our hands back.  You begin to craft a Medicine Rattle from deer skin.  This old craft enriched in story and ritual draws out deeper layers and gifts you a Sacred Tool you'll carry with you your whole life. 

Second Saturday:  Feb 25th 9am to 4-5pm.

  • Dreaming Lodge of Bear & The Sacred Sweat 

  • Returning to the Cosmic Womb

  • Four Rounds of Re-birth

We're in the time of the Dreaming Lodge of Bear (winter) who burrows their den into the Earth's Womb to enter the Sacred Dreaming where Bear is then re-dreamt into the world in the spring. Traditions of the North People, across the Northern America, Europe & Siberia have traditions of re-entering the Bear Lodge, giving ourselves over to the Earth Womb, and being reborn.

You'll experience a traditional Sweat lodge facilitated by Mingo Elder Patrick Pinson and Chivito Cowa. 

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Third Saturday:  March 4th 9am to 4-5pm.

  • Burial Ceremony 

  • Re-birthing Rites

Over the three weeks you'll have courted and been courted by the stories, beliefs and energies ready to be released and those ready to take root inside you and bloom.  You'll be guided in crafting a burial ceremonial and together experience a kind of re-birth.  

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Also Included

Two private phone sessions

These are to deepen in and draw out the hidden layers, symbology and mythic motifs that reveal themselves. This is deep work and there's a beauty and depth offered in these sessions.

Weekly Instructions & Guidance

Between fire gatherings, you'll both court and be courted by that which is ready to release and that which is readying to bloom.  You'll be offered clear instruction & guidance on how to deepen in.

Details For Joining
Only 8 Spots Available

Suggested Donation of $450

Can be made in payments. 

Other Option

Gifting Culture: Donate what you can. We're here to be of service and offers these to support our Village.


Bear Creek Heart Space in Carson WA

How To Join

Due to the depth of this kind of experience, this is an invite only offer.  Email us and share why this resonates and what kind of shift you're experiencing. We'll then schedule a free 15-30 minute call to further connect, share details and answer questions. 

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