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Foggy Forest

Forest Vigil  
(Sʔadílɬəš šəqʷi) 
Re-attuning to your Spirit Walk

Our ancestors have always known the wild is where we go to break enchantments and come into direct contact with the powers we hold to dream into the world

The Forest Vigil is immeasurably ancient. A way we've always reattuned ourselves to our Deep Self and the unique Spirit Walk we each travel. 

This one day Forest Vigil  can help prepare participants who are interested in the week long Wilderness Rites of Passage & Vision Quest.

In our Sukawea Tradition of the PNW it is called Forest Walking... in the Lushshootseed language it's known as: Sʔadílɬəš šəqʷi. (Suh-deel-ush-shuhKweel).


Of going into the old forest where the primordial powers held in the land and through carefully crafted facilitation, you awaken to what's been forgotten... awaken you to what you're now ripe enough to grow into.

This tradition has been known as Walkabout, Wild Land Dreaming, Forest Vigil...


It's long been recognized the recurring need to go out and BE with the land in a sacred way so to nourish your connection to the inner path (Spirit Walk). Through sacred etiquette, ritual and listening to the emanations of the old forest you receive new vision and experience a felt shift of stepping into it.  

You gain new clarity of vision and of self.  You gain clear direction and vitality to step confidently foward.


Come sit by the fire and join us in the wild forest.... Walk with us amongst the old ones... Trees nearly a thousand years old.


Imagine feeling their primordial presence as you walk amongst them held within the power of the mountains.


If you stay too long amongst the urban environment, you lose something of your original connection... of your power to honor the unique dreaming you hold inside.  


But when you return to the forest, enchantments are broken and you experience a returning home to your original belonging, personal power, and dreaming.

In this one day forage into the wild, through carefully crafted experiences, you remember how to listen in a way that's original to you, that connects you to the Dreaming that you belong to.

You'll come into contact with your original power to bring your spirit and unique medicine into the world.

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Our ancestors have always known the wild is where we go to break enchantments and come into direct contact with the powers we hold to dream into the world.

Like Astrology or Tarot offers guidance, what we're doing is an old world tradition of coming out into a living Sacred Ecology where you come into direct contact with your medicine and the powers you're now ripe enough to grow into.

  • Gather with us around the fire

  • Experience Rituals that awaken you to that otherness

  • Break the invisible enchantments as we step out of our human realm altogether and enter a primordial landscape that's still intact within its original dreaming.

  • Through Play, Coyote Mischief, Stories and Solo Time amongst untouched wilderness, you step through the veils of limitation and find that which is ready to dream through you

This is a cultural experience of the Sukawea Tradition of the PNW... that awakens you to the path, medicine and teachings relevant to you right now.


Next Vigil is:

Sunday June 16th, 10 am to 4 pm


Location Welches OR


If this is your first time with Tree of Totems or Chivito, please schedule a free 15 minute phone conversation.  We honor a traditional way of beginning with introductions and sharing the hidden layers accordingly.

We're offering an Introductory Offer!



8 People Max to have the least impact on the forest.

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Schedule Call

If this is your first time, schedule a free introductory call with Chivito.


OR Email us at  



If you've had sessions or Rites of Passage with Tree of Totems before, RSVP Now

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