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PDX Sacred Nature Community

We're asking "What is it to restore the cultural ways that support community and weaves us into the deeper meanings of life?"

"What is it be dreamt by the Earth Herself?"

  "What is it to seek what the ancestors sought ~ Relationship with the subtle and mythic qualities of life"

Join us around the fire, amongst the forest, in ritual where together we stir the remembrances of our original belonging.

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Gather around live

& virtual firesides

You'll be informed of regular gatherings and offerings


Nature Skills & Play

Join others in learning FROM nature, wild foraging, nature skills and other opportunities

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Fire Gatherings

Gather around the fire in the traditional ways of storytelling, ritual, reflective dialogues, and community. 

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Partake in regular rituals, ceremonies and other sacred invitations to connect in deeper ways.

It's Free to join and you'll gain access to forum, learning trails, and events


Join Mailing List

Join Mailing List to be informed of upcoming Dates

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Join Community Platform

Gain access to conversations, elders, upcoming gatherings & library of endangered knowledge

Got questions or want to connect?
Reach out & Introduce Yourself!

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