Elk Clan

Men's Scout Group

The ritual and practice of men entering the forest to gather together, to re-connect with the wild primitive nature within us, and to stir the remembrances of who we are, is immeasurably ancient.  

This is an Elk Clan offering.  The Elk Clan is part of the Men's Project to provide the cultural experiences and opportunities to gather, to experience rites of passage, and be supported in deciphering our personal myths and living the Medicine we bring into the world.  

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This is a special gathering just for men.  It's to be in council, to adventure, and nourish the wild nature within us. It's being part of a sacred camaraderie of men evolving how we show up in our lives and the world.

In these monthly gatherings, we gather outside around the fire which we bring to life using primitive fire methods such as hand drill or bow drill.  

We journey into the forest with a group of men where we allow the animals to guide us, allow the river’s song unravel lessons the silent part of us have been yearning for, and where the forest reveals the myths and stories wanting to dream through us. 

We weave together basic scout skills such as bird language, tracking, navigation and learning how to be part of the conversation the forest is having all around us.


You'll experience heightening your senses, deepening your connection with nature and harnessing the Wild One within.  These Six hour shamanic journeys weave together ritual, primitive skills and nature connection.

Explore The Symbolism & Myths at Play


Each outing, we circle together and through storytelling and deep inquiry we draw out the deeper understandings of the struggles, incites, and meanings of being men in today's world and the unique landscape we are each traveling through on our individual paths.  

We explore the symbology and mythological themes surfacing in our lives along with the archetypes of the Hero's Journey as we travel through the stages of the Hero's Journey again and again.  We allow the forest and animals to reveal signs and guidepost for us to provide reminders and direction on our present moment path.

We'll be in a council of men, giving voice to the unspoken, stirring the remembrances of our own inner knowing and truths, and together hold each other accountable for our knowing. 

The Elders have shared the wilderness is where we go to stir the remembrances within us.  It's where we go to re-align with ourselves and the Spirit wanting to express through us.



10am to 4pm


We use multiple locations around the PNW.  Our Portland group typically meets on Mt Hood with occasional trips to the coastal ranges

Our Seattle-Tacoma group typically meets at base of Mt Rainier

Next Dates:

Portland: Oct 13th

Seattle/Tacoma: Oct 27th

Cost: $60

This class is an entry point for other Elk Clan offerings such as fire gatherings, nature excursions, and Elder Councils

How To Join Us


This is an invitation only journey.  Limited to 8 clansmen at a time.

To join us, fill out the contact box with WHY you'd like to join us and any previous nature or shamanic experiences you have.  Share what you hope to get from joining us. We'll then schedule a free 15 minute phone interview to connect with you, share further details, answer questions and ensure your physical able and a good fit. 

Thanks! Message sent.

About Your Host

Your host, Chivito (Chee-Vee-Toe) is a Wilderness  First Aide Responder, has been guiding others in Ayurveda and Shamanic journeys for over 13 years.  He’s a professional wilderness guide and teaches primitive survival skills for at-risks youth and guides both youth and adults through wilderness rites of passages… guiding 8 to 24 day immersion in the backcountry of Colorado Rocky Mountains, Utah Deserts and the Olympic & Cascade Mountains of WA.

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