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We are no longer charging for our services, events or offerings and are adopting a more universal cultural form of exchange.


Instead of assigning monetary value to time with mentors or for learning or healing we invite you to consider how you’d like to show your appreciation. 


In this we nourish a sense of relationship and greater respect for the facilitators, elders and mentors you connected with as well as for the journey the learnings, healing experiences travelled to be available for you.


In this we recognize your contributions are supporting the collaborative effort of community enabling the experiences offered.

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This can be in the form of: 

  • Money

  • Volunteering at an Event

  • Contribute your skills, passions, or resources

  • Contributing supplies like firewood, sacred offerings, plant seeds or tools for our gardens

  • Carpooling Elders to events

  • Other creative ways you feel called

How much to gift?

The tradition of gifting is a form of sharing appreciation.  Your monetary contributions go to sustaining the mentors, the land, and necessities of tending the land and spaces. 

You may consider what are industry standards, what are you capable of sharing, and what feels good as a form of appreciation.  

Contribute what feels good for you and is within your budget. These contributions balance out and support you and others in receiving the support, learning and healing.  It’s a village mindset you’re contributing to a greater whole and vision.

Culture of Gift Exchange

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