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We use to have the elders, mentors and shamans whom we could go to for council or simply have the conversations that awaken us to the deeper movements of the path we walk.

These are Traditional Mentorships working individually with Chivito.  Whether it's for checking in or learning ways of facilitation and guiding others.  View options below.

Typically $108/session

Scholarships & Support Available. 


Traditional Mentorship

This is for those who want to connect, tap into the deeper movements of life, drink from the ancestral well of knowledge that you may realign to walk in a deeper way.

These can be individual or small groups, Youth or Adult

Start with a free consultation


Facilitator Mentorship

This is for those who want to learn Circle Work, Shadow Guide, host events, or facilitate programs or journeys.  Chivito has nearly 20 years of facilitating and loves to empower others in our community.


Being mentored by an experienced facilitator is priceless.


Schedule a free 30 minute Phone Consultation to begin

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Shaman Mentorship

Learn in the traditional way through a one-on-one mentorship.  These aren't about teaching as much as guiding you into the learnings that come available to by walking a traditional path.   This is for those you want to be a practitioner, learn shamanic healing, or experience the more advanced levels of cultivation.  These are typically held outdoors and other time in our yurt at the Tortoise Temple.


Schedule a free 30 minute phone conversation to begin

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