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Village Culture

Be part of the community

A Routine of Connection

Join us and be part of our community where you'll be informed of upcoming gatherings, potlucks, sweat lodges, and other offerings.

Our online space also enables you to connect with others within our community, to post and share your experiences, be in meaningful dialogue with others, connect with Elders and Mentors. You'll have access to the library of endangered knowledge and other resources. 

As Social Media continues to restrict and control us, we're reclaiming a space free from ads and place where we can be part of meaningful conversations.


Join in to play and connect

You'll be informed of regular gatherings and offerings


Nature Skills & Play

Join others in learning FROM nature, wild foraging, nature skills and other opportunities

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Fire Gatherings

Gather around the fire in the traditional ways of storytelling, ritual, reflective dialogues, and community. 

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Partake in regular rituals, ceremonies and other sacred invitations to connect in deeper ways.

It's Free to join. Click the button and you'll gain access to forum, learning trails, and events

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