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Practitioner Program

Learn how to apply the principles of nature and cultural methodologies to facilitate profound change, healing, and stepping into the unique “medicine” we carry.


This is a 9-month practitioner training that weaves together Ayurveda, Nature Connection, Eastern Psychology and the time honored cultural practices of earth based people from around the world to guide others and groups.

It’s time for a change in how we approach healing and guiding individuals, family and communities. 

We’re facing mass social and individual challenges and wounds:

- loss of meaning, purpose, and sense of value

​- increased isolation, depression, and mental health disorders

-fatigue, exhaustion, and mental-emotional roller coastering

- disintegration of connection to place, people, and nature

- a dis-spirited search for “family”, community, and belonging

-plagued with self-doubt, limiting beliefs and self-criticism

​-healing from the suppression and persecution of religion & false spiritual community

More and more of us are awakening to the importance of repairing our social fabric and supporting the reintegration of wholeness of people by returning to our connection with nature and remembering how to honor how the patterns of nature are also wanting to express through us.

You can get all the life-coaching and clinical therapy you can get and yet without aligning with how nature is expressing through us and honoring the unique "medicine" you have to bring into the world, we’ll remain feeling disconnected and lacking.

Please Note: While most of our photos are of outdoors, this is not a "nature guide" training. This is designed for health and life coaches, naturopaths, therapists group facilitators, and others in a mentoring position including parents.  We balance this training with both indoor and outdoor learning and provide you the tools to do both with those you serve.

This training provides you the tools for both individual and group facilitation that weaves together Ayurveda with the cultural pillars that enable profound shifts, healing, and empowerment. It’s returning to our roots as a people of the earth and helping others reconnect in meaningful ways while also providing them the tools to navigate their inner terrain so they may walk their path with greater clarity, awareness, and confidence.


About the training & how you learn


We share in what is called the “invisible” school.  This isn’t knowledge you learn, it’s wisdom you become and you become it by walking a path that provides you the experiences where what you’re learning awakens within you.  In this way, it becomes your own and hence is intuitive, organic and authentic.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 2.09.07 PM.png

In other words, rather than a classroom setting, we gather together at an Air BnB for an entire weekend where we weave the wisdom, techniques and learnings together while we’re cooking, tending to a fire, being in council, and flowing through our day.  While there’s definitely focused time of learning “information” and practicing techniques, you are primarily experiencing the learnings first hand so they become an intuitive part of your awareness, mindset, and ways of interacting with yourself and others.


The Three Aspects of Training:

  1.  Learning/experiencing the content first hand

  2. Learning to apply it and adopt it into your own way of being

  3. Learn how to coach others, dissolve blocks and facilitate long lasting shifts, healing, and growth in others, groups, and so forth.

This is an APPLICATION based training.  You do not get a certificate for completion or memorization.  You get one for demonstrating your competence in applying what you’re learning with yourself and others. This is our way of raising the standard of healers and guides entering the world.  See our code.


What You Learn:

Ayurveda Medicine & Psychology

Ayurveda is commonly known as the naturopathic or Nature-to-Human science from India.  It's the oldest medical system in the world that is still practiced today with the same integrity and effectiveness as of 5000 years ago. It reveals with great intimacy and beauty how the patterns of nature are also expressed through us.  In a modern world where we’ve forgotten our connection with nature and attempt to hold ourselves to a projected idea of how we’re supposed to be, Ayurveda invites us back into the remembrance of how we're merely a part of nature and the same principles that govern nature also govern us.  It reveals how to live aligned with how nature is uniquely expressing through our cycles, emotions, thoughts, and bodies.

Doshas & Elements 

Have you noticed how people in general, and perhaps yourself, tend to adopt a projected idea of how we’re supposed be?  The influence of family, media, religion, and peers tend to hold us to fitting an image or way of being in the world that is not quite our own.  Many feel an obligation to live this image even if it’s not our authentic expression of self. ?

Imagine being able to empower others to ground in their unique expression of nature and how Spirit is dreaming through them uniquely.  What if you could empower others to stand in their unique expression and with certainty know how to walk their path, how to intuitively know what foods to eat, what kind of Spirit practices will serve them and how to harness their unique gifts while letting go of the projected ideas of how they think they should be. Can you see how valuable and powerful this will be for others… for yourself?


Ayurveda shares how the five elements come together to form our unique bodies, personal psychology, emotional tendencies, and overall life path.  This is called your “Dosha.”  Knowing your dosha and helping others intuitively understand their’s, provides one of the greatest forms of Self-Acceptance we ever receive.  Suddenly they know why they are the way they are… why they crave the foods, activities, or people they do…. why they experience specific imbalances while seeing their unique gifts and how to bring them forward.  It’s empowers others to let go of trying to be the projected idea of what they think they’re supposed to be and ground in the unique magic that they are.


Practices, Methodologies, & Techniques…  

You’ll learn the time honored practices, mindsets, methods, and techniques to help others come into balance and sustain it on their own.  From meditations to mantra, to health rituals, to physical and energetic adjustments to help others ground in an aligned state.  You’ll complete this training knowing how to help others shift and ground in the authenticity of who they are.

Great Hoop Mentoring

Have you ever felt motivated and excited to begin something.  You adopt the steps and then suddenly you feel knocked off course and as if you’re starting all over again?  Or have you noticed how you have times of feeling inspired and others when you feel motivated and then times when you feel sluggish, unmotivated and perhaps depressed?  When this happens to most, their inner critic kicks in and like the grand storyteller it is retells all the stories to re-enforce the inner criticism and limiting beliefs therein.  But what if you could empower others to maintain flow, align with their “medicine” story, and experience a consistency of growth?  Can you see the impact this will have on their lives?  The impact it would have on yours?


Ayurveda shares there are four cycles we all evolve through and each stage of the cycle influences our thoughts, emotions and overall energy.  You’ll learn how to identify where you or others are and gain the ability to maintain flow amongst them.  You’ll learn how to use foods, herbs and spices along with other techniques and practices such as ritual, types of meditation or yoga, and how to empower others so they may align with their individual cycles so to harness the medicine in each stage rather than get derailed by them.


Food as Medicine & Ayurveda Cooking

Today, you can see how much confusion there is about diet, food cravings, and ways of cleansing the body.  We can see how many health fanatics are actually contracting more imbalances than others. There must be a way of living healthy without extremes. If you consider how most of today’s “food fads” are primarily a way of manipulating the body you can see how it’s time to return to an intuitive way of being in “relationship” with what sustains us uniquely and instead of a generic cookie cutter approaches we want to honor our body as a unique expression of nature.

As the old saying is “One person’s elixir is another person’s poison” 


You will learn the Ayurveda approach to using food as medicine and empowering others with an intuitive awareness of what to eat during the changing seasons, time of day and even in accordance with their personal cycle.  While this isn’t a food focus program, you will have the confidence and ability to help others step into an intuitive way of being in relationship with food, to use it as a way of supporting balance, and understand food cravings so they know what to do and when to do it.  The foods we eat can be powerful allies to helping us make profound shifts in our life.

How To Guide & Facilitate

I’ve gone through health coach programs, psychology training, Ayurveda Practitioner programs and much more…  Each one provides you the modalities yet fails to provide you how to actually guide others so they may transcend their automated patterns, limiting beliefs, and the invisible obstacles that prevent them from following through.   My first years as an Ayurveda Practitioner and Health coach were frustrating because few people were actually able to follow through with what they set out to achieve. 

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 2.09.26 PM.png

A core part of this training is learning how to artfully guide others through their barriers and tap in on a soul level so they can make the shifts they’re ready to make.  You’ll learn the shamanic and psychological processes to tap into a person’s way of perceiving and relating with the world so instead of gaining “information” they experience an awakening or remembrance of understanding so the shifts happen on a soul level.

Here’s a few things you’ll learn to a guide and facilitator above par.

  • How to not take on others energy

  • How to hold space without collapsing into their story, belief, narrative or emotional space

  • How to artfully guide them to their own answers and tap into their own intuition rather than give the answers

  • How to help your clients/students awaken the teachings/guidance inside them so it becomes their own and hence a part of them and create lasting change, healing and/or growth

  • How to dissolve limiting beliefs, stories and narratives

  • How to cultivate authentic rapport

  • How to identify the motivators, learnings styles, and ways of processing so you may tailor your guidance to their ways of receiving and making the learnings their own

  • Language patterns that provide lasting change and profound break throughs.

Circle Work & Way of Council

We go may go to circles, councils and other group activities and yet a lot of circles and group work leaves us feeling unfilled…  They're lacking and we’re unsure what specifically is lacking.


Learn Way of The Council so you can facilitate powerful group healing and mentoring.  You’ll learn the cultural ways of being in council… of how to listen, how and when to respond, how to create the “container” that holds the group in a safe and sacred way, and other cultural practices such as how to ask the right questions to lead individuals and a group through profound inner shifts, growth and healing.  

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 8.09.30 PM.png

Circle work is a powerful medium of providing healing, connection and deep belonging.  When you know how to weave together multi-generational diversity such as youth and elders, how to open the circle and close the circle in the right manner and lovingly facilitate the journey so it’s organic, you provide one of the invisible soul-foods people crave and need.  You will experience this throughout the training and learn how to facilitate multiple styles of circles.

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 8.08.10 PM.png

Shamanic & Psychological Processes

What is this?  Information and self-inquiry is not enough. We need to have an experience that awakens what we’re wanting to discover.


 In the shamanic traditions, we’re not learning, we’re remembering. When you know how to guide others through specific processes of mind and soul you enable them to have a sense of remembering so instead of learning, they become the wisdom.

Sunset in dunes.jpg

You’ll learn specific methods, techniques, and modalities you can guide others and yourself through to guide them into more empowered states of being.  Through these “processes,” you’re able to help others dissolve limitations, overcome fears, addictions, and automated patterns.  You will learn the core processes to help those you serve and learn how to facilitate profound healing and growth in others.


Build Your Practice As You Learn. 

Part of your training is inviting you to begin to build your practice as you learn.  This is an application based training and we want you to take this into your communities, families and clients.  You'll be tasked with giving practice-sessions and facilitate circles.  As you do, you'll begin to get the word out and build your practice as you learn. 

You'll also receive the mentoring to help you root out any blocks or obstacles for succeeding and stepping into a state of affluence. 

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Please Note: This is NOT  to become an Ayurveda Practitioner.  That's a another program.  This program weaves together multiple modalities to provide the ability to provide profound healing, connection and transformation.

Details and cost will be posted soon


We're confirming location and dates now.  If you're interested and would like to be considered, please fill out the form.  In the subject line write Ayu-Practitioner Prog.

We'll share more info then.

Thanks! Message sent.

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