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The Ayurveda 

Shamanic Reading

The Ayurveda-Shamanic Reading is more than body and more than spirit.  

"I felt as if I had the curtain pulled back and for the first time I was able to see the inner workings and connections that have been happening in my life all this time without me knowing it!  I gained a new understanding of myself and why I experience life as I do.  The simple practices you shared have had a huge impact.  I highly recommend everyone to get one of these sessions.  You'll be amazed by what you discover and how much you take away from it."


In this reading you gain the larger picture of all the influences at play in your life, identify what stage you’re in of the Great Hoop Cycle, and gain awareness of how to navigate your path at present while preparing for what stage is about to come.


We are each our own microcosm, a smaller and unique imprint of the larger macrocosm made up of the Elements, Patterns of Nature, and common cycles.  

Discover how the patterns of nature and the larger macrocosm are being expressed uniquely through you.  You discover the core Elements (Fire, Water, Air Space, Earth) that are at play and how these express through your mental-emotional state, your relationships, your body, and your overall spiritual path. You learn what to do about them so you have a greater sense of control over the influences at play in your life.


In this reading we also explore what dominant stage of the great cycle you’re in of which there are four we revolve through again and again.  Discover what stage of the cycle you’re about to enter, how to prepare for it as well as how to harness the gifts in your current stage of the cycle along with what to do to maintain balance while in it. 


From this reading, you discover the spiritual practices, types of yoga or meditation, mantras and rituals to focus on and which ones to avoid


You gain the larger picture of all the influences at play, see where you are in your cycle, and gain awareness of how to navigate your path at present while preparing for what stage about to come.

"This reading gave me a POWERFUL overview of all the influences at play in my life and within my relationship.  Your write-up of the session broke everything down so simply along with the suggestions in how to "navigate" them.  I'm still blown away by how much you shared.  I had no idea I had a four stages I revolved through and my patterns suddenly make so much sense.  Thank you for offering these!  Get one!"


Ayurveda Shamanic Reading  

  • Discover your Dosha (Body-Mind-Spirit Consitution)

  • Discover what your primary Elements are and how they are expressing through you mentally, emotionally, and energetically

  • Discover what rituals, meditations and type of yoga practice is best for you specifically and which one are not

  • Learn specific mantras for you

  • Discover core routines for physical health and spiritual balance

90 to 120 minute Phone Session $195



  • A writeup of your session so you can review the information again and again.

  • 15 minute followup session to answer questions that may come up

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Once you've scheduled, we'll send you The Shamanic questionnaire and a paypal invoice.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you're unsatisfied for any reason, we'll not only provide a full refund, we'll offer any of our other sessions of equal value for free.  We take great pride with the our quality of offerings. 


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